Friday 21 September 2012


Yesterday I had some lovely surprises.

I  have a tendency to plant the tops of pineapples in my garden….in my tropical garden, out the front….after all, pineapples are a member of the bromeliad family, right?…… so they fit right in!

003 (Medium)

See my surprise little baby growing right there in the middle!  I wonder how long it will take for it to grow into a pineapple??

daisy divider

A beeping mobile phone at 10am revealed a text message, asking me to lunch with a friend, whom I haven’t seen for AGES, and it was wonderful.  It was sooo nice to catch up, and although we live only about 15 minutes away from one another, her work schedules and life, in general, kept getting in the way.  So yesterday, we lazed away, spending time having an impromptu lunch at a local cafe and a long-awaited catch up.

Just before we both left to do our grocery shopping (ho hum!!), she presented me with a little birthday package that she has been carrying around in her bag for ages (well…..about 4 months!!!!)

Look at the gorgeous little key ring she picked out for me…..

004 (Medium)

I love it, and it sits so well beside the one Peg made for me.  We had a huge laugh though, because I have a bit of a ‘fetish’ for keyrings…’ll notice I’ve only shown you the two and not the rest of the bunch????   I’m almost embarrassed to admit the weight in my handbag is probably made up mostly of my keyrings!!!!  Well, my logic tells me, in case I ever get attacked or mugged, let me just say, I could do quite a bit of harm with my bundle of keyrings!!!! LOL


After shopping, I headed to the post office where I got this surprise parcel from Narelle…..

005 (Medium)

I thought, “Hang on a minute… birthday was ages ago??!!!!”  It left me feeling terrible that Narelle had gone to all that trouble to package something up for me and it wasn’t even my birthday!!!

006 (Medium)007 (Medium)

And then I opened the card……..

008 (Medium)

What a gorgeous girl she is!!!!……As part of our Fat Quarter Swap group, we send birthday gifts to each member when it’s their birthday…..and I love the fact that birthdays can come anytime of the year!!!!!

Look at the lovelies Narelle sent me……a lavender sachet to hang somewhere special (it’s ‘fragrancing’ my sewing room right now!), a couple of fat quarters and some ricrac, threads and buttons all in blue…..just beautiful….Thank you sooo much Narelle, I love it all! 

011 (Medium)

Mmmmmm…now what to make with it….I have something in mind that I might start designing soon!!!!….secret squirrel stuff!

I have been plodding away with my NPNT quilt.  I’ve tried to organise myself a lot better so I’m cutting my fabric out first…..see???…

This was the beginning of the week….

024 (Medium)

This is where I’m at now….

012 (Medium)

…and this is what I’ve got left to cut up from the “Love Is” range by Nancy Halvorsen….(an oldie but I just love it)

014 (Medium)

So I’m nearly there……and I even got a second row stitched together last night…..

017 (Medium)

all while Charlie slept blissfully unaware of my “great things come in threes” surprise package!!!

015 (Medium)

Back to the sewing room today to finish that cutting out….(I’m sure I really should fit in some vacuuming …and a bit of cleaning too, somewhere during the day!!!)

Sugary hugs  :O)



Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Narelle is on a roll. I got a surprise too :o) it is lovely how our birthdays just keep on going :) Great progress there, hugs

Anthea said...

Wendy such a lovely birthday keyring, adding to your anti-thug devices! Your NPNT is looking great, great fabrics...

Diane-crewe said...

between your friend and your postman you did VERY well x I have this vission of a mugger going for your bag... getting thumped... getting away ...BUT.. then being identified by the various imprints of the individual key rings (snort!!) ... made me laugh anyway xx

Dawn said...

Lovely gifts for a special lady.... how sweet...and they will keep on coming.. he he
Hugs Dawn x x x

Anonymous said...

I love those stitchery blocks!

Cheryll said...

What a FUN read this was! :)