Thursday 27 December 2012

SSCS exposed!

I can’t believe Christmas is over for another year and now we’re looking forward to the New Year and all it has to bring.

I was soooo looking forward to Christmas day this year, not only to celebrate the reason for the season, but these special gifties, the ones that came all the way from Josie in Scotland, were sitting there taunting me!

009 (Medium)

Well…..guess which ones I ripped open first????  (I have said, I’m not one for niceties when it comes to opening presents….however…I am keeping all that gorgeous red ribbon for some very special projects!)

Yep….these ones!   Don’t know how my family felt but these had been keeping me guessing for weeks!  

I opened the ‘jiggly’ one first to reveal………

012 (Medium)

some yummy jelly jube lollies and the most GINORMOUS jelly beans I’ve ever seen!   They breed them big in Scotland!!!

And just to prove it to you, here’s a ‘normal’ sized jelly bean next to them…….could you imagine if I put a jelly belly bean there???…Just like the three bears!!!! hee hee   I haven’t been game to try one yet in case they have magic powers and I grow just like Jack and the Beanstalk!!  Have enough of that problem just with all the Christmas goodies we’ve been eating!!! LOL

010 (Medium)

There were also some beautiful Kirstie Allsopp sewing accessories….a pincushion, thimble and pins pack and a retractable tape measure…..just gorgeous…..and just how did Josie know I love watching Kirstie Allsopp do her ‘handmade’ thing on PayTV!!!!

011 (Medium)

and as if that wasn’t enough……the ‘main’ present just blew me away!!!!   Check out this absolutely GOR-GEEEEEE-ous stitchery bag……

013 (Medium)

Again….Josie must have a telepathic connection….I had planned to do this Leanne Beasley stitchery ‘one day’ on something special!!!  I’ve collected all the Vignette magazines and drooled over them too!  How on earth did she know!??!!?

Look at her stitching….isn’t it just perfect???……..

015 (Medium)

and the hand quilting just is divine!!!…..

016 (Medium)

….along with the red spotted lining!!!!!!…my favourite *wink*

017 (Medium)

And now I can reveal what I sent to my SS…..Berit all the way from Norway….

034 (Medium)035 (Medium)037 (Medium)040 (Medium)


The designs came from this little book..

038 (Medium)

…an absolute ripper!!!!

You can visit Berit HERE to see how she has used it…..her house is just so pretty!

A super huge THANK YOU to you Josie and Berit….and to Chooky too, for hosting yet another magnificent SSCS swap this year!  I know I said I couldn’t possibly do another swap this year….but I’m sooo glad Chooky intervened!!!!!   And now I have more bloggy friends in the world that I can visit…..Chooky is just like the e-Harmony matchmaker for bloggers!!!!! Hee hee.

Off to start planning some crafty business for 2013!

Big sugary hugs xox :O)





Jeanette said...

Very nice Wendy. Lots of loveliness there. Hugs,

Anonymous said...

what wonderful gifts sent and received,such a wonderful swap this one.xx

Diane-crewe said...

you DID do well xx

Quilt Kitty said...

Beautiful gifts sent & received Wendy. I love Petit Noel too, one of my CHristmas favourites. I am totally envious of the magnificent jelly beans & love the fact that you already had some at home to compare sizes with - that's my idea of home! Tracee xx (fellow jelly bean afficinado)

Fiona said...

lovely gifts wendy that you made and received.... a fun swap...

Peg - Happy In Quilting said... good are all those prezsies...perfect way to describe Chooky....

Maria said...

You did receive and make beautiful gifts Wendy..

Anthea said...

e-Harmony for bloggers! LOL!!
You have send stunning gifts for SSCS Wendy, that's such a great book.
Well Done to Josie on such a gorgeous gift she sent to you too, her stitching is divine x

Chookyblue...... said...

Josie sent a lovely parcel those jelly beans are huge.....a beautiful stitchery bag.......
you have also sent a lovely parcel off in your SSCS parcel..........thanks so much for being part of the swap in 2012.........