Monday 18 March 2013

Let’s Get Stitched weekend….

Wow, this past couple of  weeks have been a doozy…..tripping all over the countryside and catching up with family and friends, some old, some new but all very very special!

Well, today’s post…although a little belated, is all about the LGS weekend… it goes in chronological order!!!……Hope you have a cuppa at the ready!?

Mid last week….

001 (Medium)003 (Medium)

I finished these two cuties for Dawn’s girls who just looooove pink and purple.   I found the pattern HERE if you’d like to make some yourself.

And I made the nutty designer girls a little Babushka/Matrioshka momento to remember our Let’s Get Stitched Retreat.   You can make them too….the link to the pattern is HERE

002 (Medium)

and you can watch a how-to video here…

Lisa Pay’s Felt Babushka keyring

I finished my flower brooch that we all had to make so that we recognised each other at the airport, as lots of us know each other online, but had never actually met face to face!

007 (Medium)

I finished packaging up my patterns for the retreat, as I was one of the mystery designers at the workshop on Sunday….surprise!!!!

004 (Medium)


Thursday ….

Before boarding the plane, I had the best looking chai latte I think I’ve ever had!!!…. Must have been a sign of things to come!001 (Medium) (2)


I met up with Narelle and we clicked right away…..she is adorable, and such a laugh!

009 (Medium)

The clouds just fascinated me, and I was amazed at the storm heads developing as we flew into Adelaide…

013 (Medium)

and coming down through the clouds, we could see their grey bottoms (ooh….should we be looking??? LOL) 016 (Medium)017 (Medium)

and rain falling over the mountains

018 (Medium)019 (Medium)

and as we circled over the ocean into the airport, we noticed just how dry it was down here in the south of our great country and how desperately they really need that rain…

020 (Medium)022 (Medium)

Thursday night was spent settling in, ‘bonding’ with our roomies and resting after our travelling from all four corners of the country.


the adventure began…..

044 (Medium)

with a wonderful bus trip,

028 (Medium)

firstly to Hettie’s Patch…..(of course there had to be a quilt shop…or two or three!!!)

029 (Medium)

030 (Medium)

and then we headed off to Hahndorf…a gorgeous picturesque German village complete with tree-lined streets,

037 (Medium)038 (Medium)039 (Medium)040 (Medium)

quaint little shops and buildings,

043 (Medium)041 (Medium)

and these four nutty designers….

042 (Medium)

We visited a couple more quilt and fabric shops….it was a heavenly day, might I add……before we headed ‘home’ for a well earned rest….

047 (Medium)

mmmm. well, some of us did!!!!! …… Children!!!!! LOL

048 (Medium)

Friday night was pizza and trifle night….

052 (Medium)

followed by games night….lots of fun and giggles….

Friday night games night (Medium)

…ok….some hearty laughing!!!  Just as well we didn’t come empty handed….’zing zing’  heehee…good on you Narelle!!!

Narelle zing zing (Medium)

Saturday ……

was a free day to do as we liked so what’s a girl to do……SHOP!!!!

We found ourselves a supply of these yummies…..

023 (Medium)

and set off!

025 (Medium)027 (Medium)

In the supermarket we found these biscuits we just don’t have up here in Queensland….and a funny meat they called ‘Fritz”, which we call “Devon” and Taswegians call something else, as do the Victorians, and the West Australians….what a funny language us Aussies have!!!!

061 (Medium)

WE did manage to get a birthday cake to celebrate De’s birthday though……. which we presented to her that afternoon along with a hearty rendition of ‘Happy birthday’  to the 23 year old!!!! hahahaha

Des birthday cake

Coming home, we had to double back and backtrack as we ‘thought’ we saw a superhero walking along the foreshore…hee hee hee…..Adelaide people really put on the entertainment for us!!!! LOL

superman (Medium)

Saturday night we went out for dinner at Watermark, Glenelg, with a magnificent buffet where we got to know each other even more…

Saturday Night dinner (Medium)

Sunday …. was the day we’d all been waiting for…..Workshop day…

with these four lovely designers……. (Vicki Tucek, Joy Coey, Dawn Hay and Fiona Ransley)

087 (Medium)

and the two virgin ‘mystery’ ones….. (me, Judy Evans)

099 (Medium)

We all got a goody bag packed with 6 patterns and starter kits, along with a pile of goodies….including a bottle of SA wine …

Sunday workshop (Medium)

…and a beautiful mug rug for us to get autographed by everyone….such a great idea!

me with my mat! (Medium)

076 (Medium)

082 (Medium)

085 (Medium)

Joy taught us a new needleturn technique …well it was new to me and I found it much easier to do…..and an anchoring knot she called the ‘knicker knot’……I loooooved it!!!!needleturned heart

I got to ‘release’ my very first official pattern…..

016 (Medium)

…the “Sit and Stitch with Me A While” craft cushion and caddy.  Handy for all those stitching get-togethers when there’s just not enough room on the table and the seats are ….. well, just plain uncomfortable!!!

007 (Medium)

As usual, the day went far too quickly and before we knew it, it was overthe lovely nutters (Medium)

Monday …..  we were saying our goodbyes and headed back to the tropics

103 (Medium)

Thank you to the fabulous Dawn for organising such a wonderful event….you are amazing!!!!

105 (Medium)106 (Medium)

Better start saving up my pennies……We’ll be headed down south again in 2014, but somewhere in Victoria instead…..Can’t wait!!!!!!!

Sugary Hugs xox :O)



Susan said...

What a fantastic round up Wendy!

Maria said...

I am sure Dawn's girls loved their Owl Bags...
You all did have a great time..
Oh in W.A we call it POLONY.....

Larissa said...

Awww Wendy - you made the tears come again :) ... Really missing you girls - these will be memories I will treasure for a lifetime!!! ... A lovely wrap-up of the weekend - looking forward to diving into your pattern soon!! Hugs xxx

Sandi said...

Great photos - love reading your story, feeling very envious at the moment - might have to join you all next year.....

Katherine said...

Wow you have had an amazing time! Thanks for sharing the key ring pattern too. I have it printing right now lol

Fiona said...

Fantastic fun set of pictures... looks like such a lot of fun...

Marilyn said...

I think you have captured the fun of the weekend in one post. Haha, it took me 3 posts to get through it all !!! I am saving - certainly cant miss Melbourne.

Cheryll said...

WOW what a fun trip I've just had with you... thanks for the fantastic pic's ! :)

Anonymous said...

love this post Wendy i could feel how much fun you were all having.xx

Joy said...

It really was a fabulous, unforgettable weekend
Joy ;) xxx

CathyC said...

what a great wrap up! looks like you all had a ball - was sorry to have missed it ;(