Friday 4 October 2013

A day well spent

…is a day spent with the bestest of girlfriends, one you can chat with, laugh with, share with, cry with…..and that was how I spent today!

I met up with Jenny and we headed off HERE for a day of inspiration and girly banter…..and didn’t we have just the best of fun!?!

We weren’t allowed to take many photos, but we did ask and we were able to take some….

006 (Medium)008 (Medium)

Aren’t they just gorgeous???

009 (Medium)

The guest for the show was Judy Coates Perez, and although I’m not a real ‘art-quilty’ person……her work is A-MAZING!!!!  Photos just don’t do it justice…..

010 (Medium)

quilted in metallic threads and highlighted in glittered paint, and her  painted designs just blew us away….  yes the design is all painted!!!

011 (Medium)

This little birdy just knocked our socks off too…….the design, again was all painted and then machine quilted…….such an impeccable design……we were looking at all the hidden features within the quilting for ages…..

012 (Medium)013 (Medium)015 (Medium)

And despite there not being as many stall holders as last year, they didn’t do too badly out of us…….

017 (Medium)

My stash included some no 12 perles….. (just a few!!!)

018 (Medium)

…some fabrics for the stash…..(yes I DO need them!!!)

019 (Medium)020 (Medium)022 (Medium)023 (Medium)024 (Medium)

…and lots of other ‘necessary’ items, including a lace dyeing kit….

025 (Medium)

Seeing I loved the fabric dyeing so much, Jen and I are both going to have a go at dyeing lace….a different method, but simple just the same….can’t wait to add these to some upcoming designs.

Hope your Friday was a day well spent too!

Sugary hugs :O) xo

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tich said...

Just had a lovely time catching up with your blog (latest medicine did not go down well, so I am way behind in everything!) You have been so busy. I wished I could come to the dyeing workshop, and the lace kit looks intriguing. Hope you are well.

Maria said...

Love the Red and white Dear Jane.. I think a lot of quilts now in shows are real works of art and not really a quilt to use and snuggle under. They are beautiful but I like snuggly quilts best..
It's surprising how we always need fabrics and notions... Pleased you had a great day with Jenny.

Wendy said...

Looks like a lovely way to spend a day! Lots of nice new purchases for you to play with. xx

e said...

What a fabulous end to the week - girl time w/ your BFF. Glad you both had fun. Of course, you needed the fabric. We would never buy something we didn't "need". I love the bird/tree quilt. The simplicity of color and the detail of quilting really make that one. I agree with the other comment, though, snuggly quilts are still the best :)

Love and hugs.

Lin said...

Sounds like a great day out and a great haul too!

Joy said...

Looks like you two had a fabulous day :). I've got those lace dyes Wendy and they're great fun and super easy to use. You're gonna love them too ;).
Big hugs,
Joy xxxx

Cheryll said...

Thanks for taking me along with the two of you... I thoroughly enjoyed my visit too! WOW amazing designs. :)

Susan said...

Sounds like a great day - I'm looking forward to the Brisbane one. Im pretty sure we will be seeing Judy Coates Perez as well.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Bestest of days indeed!!
Love ya, buddy. xxxxx

Joy McD said...

Oh, lots of fun!! And lots of essentials to take home!! xxx

Lyn said...

What a lovely lot of goodies..and some fabulous quilts on display