Friday 20 December 2013

Are you ready for FNSI????

I am….but I just have to decide what I need to work on first!!!!!  I think a priority is working on the final piecing of the SIF BOM “A Year Full of Blooms” so that I can send out the pattern on time (this time!!!!)  Oh I really need to work on improving that!!!!!

013 (Medium)

Have you got your nibblies ready for tonight????

Here’s another simple and minimalistic (but oh-so-naughty but nice) recipe you can prepare now and have ready for midway through the night…….

Honeycomb Ice Cream Slice! 

  • 600ml thickened cream
  • 1 tin condensed milk
  • 1 pack choc honeycomb (or three or four violet crumble bars will do the trick too!)
  • 2 packs malt o milk biscuits

1.  Layer malt biscuits in the bottom of a rectangular baking dish.

027 (Medium)

cut them to fit if you need to….

028 (Medium)

2.  Beat together the cream and condensed milk in a bowl until thick.

023 (Medium)

3.  Break up about 300g of honeycomb (or as much as you like) into small pieces (I cut mine with a knife)

024 (Medium)

4.  Mix through the cream mixture.

026 (Medium)

5.  Pour onto the malt biscuit base and smooth flat  Layer another layer of malt biscuits on top to cover.

029 (Medium)

6.  Freeze for a minimum of 2 hours .  Slice and enjoy!!!!!

034 (Medium)035 (Medium)

Notice how the honeycomb creates an oozy caramel drizzle through the ‘ice cream’…….mmmmmm  delish!!!!!!  

This would even make a perfect dessert for the Christmas table (well, in the heat of the Southern Hemisphere……not sure if it would be appreciated as much in the wintery north!!!!)

Beware…..this dessert is highly addictive and VERY yummy…….it will give you plenty of energy to work your way through the night!!!!

Big Christmassy hugs to my friend Margaret for sharing this recipe with me!  I just know she won’t mind me sharing it with you all.

So….If you haven’t already signed up for FNSI tonight……go back to my last post HERE and sign on!

See you tonight!

sugary hugs xox :o)

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Chookyblue...... said...

I have made this quite a lot and it is great because you can make it ahead of time..........I have sifted some cocoa on top for presentation on is terribly delicious though..........

Pinnylea Creations said...

Thank you; this is going to be my dessert for Christmas Day; couldn't make my mind up what to do; this is perfect :)

Fiona said...

oh that sounds lovely.. my hips have added an inch just looking at the picture!

Anonymous said...

yummy must try this one ,thankyou for sharing Wendy.xx

Cindy said...

Argh! I can't believe I missed FNSI!! But your dessert looks delish!! Thanks for sharing!!

e said...

Dessert looks yummy and maybe even enough to share :) And yes, in the northern hemisphere we like frozen desserts all year 'round :)

Susan said...

yummo - might be a Christmas Day thing for me too.

Marilyn said...

Oh Yum. That looks too yummy for words. Of course it is low calorie too isnt it.

Anthea said...

Darn, drats, damn & bah!! I totally forgot about it being FNSI-Friday last night... the days have run away with me...
Thanks Wendy for continuing to host this great sew-in for us... you know that we all love a good ole stitch & chat - even if it is cyber!!

Anonymous said...

I was too tired, after shopping most of the day with a 2-year-old, but I'll enjoy seeing what the rest of you do. =) That desert looks completely yummy, and I think I know some things that could substitute for the ingredients we don't have.

Lyn said...

Oh that looks very tempting..have filed the recipe away for another day

Maria said...

The stitchery is looking great and what a Yummy treat.....

Jo said...

This sounds so good

Cath said...
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