Friday 25 April 2014

Lest We Forget…a Day to Remember and pattern launch

Today marks the 99th anniversary of our ANZAC’s battling for our freedom on the shores of Gallipoli……..

Anzac Day

….commemorating the young men and women who battled for us, those who lost their lives for us, those who live with horrific war injuries, and who continue to wage the war against terrorism so that we might live freely…..




and to mark such a prominent and distinguished event in our calendar, I have designed a pattern which, I hope, will give these men and women the recognition they deserve….

012 (Medium)

A simple yet bold pieced, stitched and framed picture which I hope will do our diggers proud  showing the essence of our ANZACs .

013 (Medium)

It is available now in my Craftsy store HERE


Sugary hugs xox :o)

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Farm Gate Creations Incorporating Hummingbird Quilting said...

Beautiful post Sue and I love your design.

e said...

An absolutely beautiful tribute to your country's heritage.
You did them proud :)

Farm Quilter said...

Thank you for the bit of a history lesson to those of us in the northern hemisphere...they don't teach us about this in our schools. I think you have created a beautiful tribute to your country's heroes!

Anonymous said...

lest we forget

Cheryll said...

Beautiful sentiment. Lest we forget.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Lest We Forget...

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post. I always forget you were in it earlier than we were. I've heard it said, actually that those months of battle were what led to the downfall of the Ottoman and the birth of the Republic of Turkey. The poem on the photo is one I've always liked, though it isn't ours. It could be said of all those young men who still die today in battles against evil. Thanks for this post.

Barb said...

Lovely tribute Wendy!!
Barb :)

Pinnylea Creations said...

Lest we forget