Wednesday 30 July 2014

Building on skills

Found a clever addition to my skills basket today and thought I might share it…… DSCF7529 (1024x768) I have been known to sew quite a few half square triangles and these are not always my favourite block, although apparently, they are the second most popular block in quilting (heard that somewhere)……and as I was traipsing my way through Blogland this morning, I came across a comment on a website that lead me HERE to double saw tooth quilt block Quilting and Whatnot….. where you can download and print FREE papers to create accurate half square triangles without the problems caused by those pesky bias edges…. from 1/2 inch ones right up to 2 1/2 inch ones.  There’s lots of tips and hints too. Available free of charge to you 24/7!  Great, huh? I love how quilters are always so caring and sharing, don’t you?  I”m off to the cave…. Sugary hugs xox  :o) my signature