Wednesday 17 August 2016

What to do with Leftover Bananas?

In our temperate climate, I'm often left with bananas that go past their 'use by' date and no one will touch them.

  I have a perfectly good banana bread recipe but the family is getting bored with that one, so I decided I wanted to try a healthy muffin alternative - one that  could prepare me with 'suitable' supplies for FNSI.

Now I'm no expert with muffins....I know they're supposed to be one of the easiest things to bake, but for some reason, my muffin making efforts turn into escapades!
Not one to give up, I thought I'd give it another go...what have I got to lose?  I'm throwing the bananas out anyway if it doesn't work!
So I opened up my trusty Muffin cookbook.....

and gave it another try.

I made a modification in that I didn't add sultanas (my boy doesn't like 'flies' in his food), but substituted the same amount of chopped pecans......all I can say is
They were a massive hit!   The recipe made 8 large muffins and they looked and tasted beautiful!

Need I say I'll be making some more for FNSI as these ones didn't last long.......*burp*

Why not try a batch for this FNSI nibbles?  If I can make them, anyone can!  And if you haven't joined this month yet, it's definitely not too late.  Sign-ups are{here} and don't forget to share.....remember, the more the merrier!

xox Sugary hugs :o)

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