Thursday 12 January 2017

Crafty fun to be had by all

It has been a hectic week with not much crafty business going on in Sugarlane.

However, Sunday was hubby's birthday so we spent the night celebrating with family and friends...and there WAS lots of raucous laughter and joking around.
The cake was a beauty, baked by my fabulous mother-in-law.....she really is the best cook!
This was a masterchef-eat-your-heart-out creation....crafted beautifully - a monster, 6-inch high, light-as-air, chocolate cake with swirly butter-choc icing (is it obvious what hubby's favourite cake is and why I've put on 25kg since I've been married?)
There is a little left though....stored in the fridge for sharing with coffee during the week.    Monday was a rest day with hubby, who took the day off before returning to work up in the bush on Tuesday morning. Partway through the day I had a harried call asking for were needed up at the property, so I did some quick emergency shopping, loaded the car, drove the hour up and had a quick bite to eat before heading home again.  Yep, a crafty plan by my hubby, but the drive is always fun and I enjoy spending time with him, however limited.

Wednesday I accompanied my 'baby' to Townsville to purchase his very first 'good' car.  He had been craftily researching for quite a while and decided it was time.  Our appointment to test drive was at 9am so, with a number of roadworks on the way, we left at 7.15am.   It was quite strange driving up in this 20 year old beast.....

and returning that afternoon in this one year old beastess.......

 We had to wait around most of the day whilst paint protection, window tinting and interior protection was done, as was the mountain of paperwork!  We made the exciting trip home at 4, chattering madly all the way.  Unfortunately, going through the roadworks, a truck passing in the opposite direction threw a stone and it chipped the windscreen, ever so small, but it was NOT welcomed, I can assure you.  All and still, it was a fun day to share with my boy.

Today was work. So a super busy day at Lifeline was had, and the humidity was a killer.  We're having a bit of a heatwave at the moment with lows circling around us and monsoonal troughs lingering northwards bringing wet weather and HEAT!  I'm grateful for air- conditioning, that's for sure.  But even though it's hot, we always manage to have a load of fun....and today was load day, so I got to play in all the crafty stuff!

 The mailman decided to deliver some happy mail too, which is never ending crafty fun.....
a prize I'd won in a Facebook competition held by Stitches of Love, a mother-daughter team sharing quilty love.  It's a gorgeous Holly Horse mug rug kit....I can see this being a lovely gift for a horsey friend.    
My other surprise mail was my monthly subscription to FatQuarterShop's  #sewsampler quilting box
I love receiving these as there's always stuff in there we can't get easily in Australia (well I can't in regional Australia anyway!).   It's like Christmas every month.

Tomorrow is definitely a stay-at-home day.....there's cleaning to be done, and I have a little stitcher's keeper to complete!   Yep, you guessed it, play time......what fun I'm going to have!

Hope your week has allowed you to include some crafty fun,too, whether it's in the craft room or not, there's fun to be had everywhere!

xox sugary hugs :o)


Michelle Ridgway said...

Happy birthday to Mr B. That cake is a beauty. Congrats on the new beast for no 1 son and for your lovely win and mail. Bit ofva shocker down here today too...yuk!

Maria said...

Yummy cake for hubby's birthday 🎉... your son's beast is a beauty, shame about the window chip...
Lovely mail....happy stitching.

creations.1 said...

You have had a busy few day - all fun! Your mail is lovely. Pity about the chip but how nice to upgrade from an old faithful to something up to date!

Lin said...

Sounds like a great week - that cake looks right up my street! Hope you have as much fun next week. xx

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Happy birthday Joe!!
Nice car, Nicholas. :-)

We must catch up soon, Wendy-girl. xx

Karen J said...

Greetings from Wisconsin USA! High temp today was 11 degrees F. Last nights low was -13. Come visit us when you need to cool off!

Sharm said...

I recognise where you are with that pic - our son & his family live in Townsville & we lived there for a little while too. We've been in Vic for 7 yrs now, but when the house sells we will be moving to Maryborough!
PS - I've just realised your posts having been coming through on my blogging reader so I'll need to fix that somehow!
Love that fat quarter shop thingy ..... so many goodies!!! I can't get much here at all in country towns we are in here!