Monday 24 July 2017

Dry July FNSI winner

We had a great roll up with 23 of us stitching together for FNSI and I'm so pleased you could come along and join us.  We always have so much fun and the inspiration shared over the weekend and (hhh hhmmmm)even today is,as always, inspirational.

What did I get up to?  you might ask.....well, I was incredibly tired on Friday night.  I'm one week into a strict detox to try fix some issues caused by allergies which seem to have originated in the gut. It's interesting, looking at gut health and how important it is to your overall health, including skin, and general wellness.  Only one and a half weeks to go without caffeine (aaargh it's killing me without tea or COFFEEEEEEEE), sugar (including honey, rice malt etc), dairy, wheat products, anything packaged or processed, cheese, butter, red meat, salmon or tuna.  Pretty much only leaves me with fruit, veggies, some chicken, eggs, brown rice and white fish.  I tell you, I'm starting to get creative, but I'm open to suggestions if any of you have any yummy recipes?

But I digress, I was tired as I was getting used to the detox.  Monday to Wednesday was easing into it with the powdery concoctions and tablets but I was straight into the food restrictions and Thursday started the full dose of detoxing medicines.  So by Friday I was exhausted.   I did manage to get my second block of the 2017 FQS Mystery Designer BOM made up and I love it.
This month's block was designed by Me and My Sister Designs. It's so bright and cheery and looks complex but it 's easy.  Did I say that I love it already?  I can see a whole quilt made with this block.  Can't wait to see the rest.

I did aim to get more done but I was late for the Blanket Show and the zzzzz's were chasing me down, so off to bed I went.

More interesting and inspirational crafting went on with all the other FNSIers whose links you can check out HERE.  Meanwhile, Mr RNG has been rattling the bucket in search of our winner for this month.  They will be in receipt of this great prize.....
....a mini charm pack of Bees 'n Blooms by Kansas Troubles Quilters for Moda.  I can't wait to see what the winner makes with this one.....whatever it is, it will be beautiful, I'm sure!

Without further ado.........


Jeanette, like me, didn't get much done, but for far more serious reasons than me.....thank God all went smoothly and she can breathe easier now. (Pop over and see what was happening in Jeanette's patch)  That's one of the reasons I love blogging so much, we get to share the load with likeminded friends.

Late draw tonight...I was off at a chalk painting workshop learning lots of new techniques.  I'll have to give it a go soon!

xox Sugary hugs :o)


Susie H said...

Congratulations, Jeanette!

Wendy, I hope you're starting to feel better. Sounds like a very strict diet that will wipe you out until you're either used to it or over it!

See you next month! Love FNSI!

Maria said...

Oh sew happy to see Jeanette is the winner.
She had a hard Friday...

Lin said...

Congratulations Jeanette. xx

Jeanette said...

Oh how exciting for me. :) Love your block Wendy. Oh my i hope all is going well with you. Hugs.xx

Michelle Ridgway said...

Big congrats Jeanette! Good luck with your detox xx

Anonymous said...

whoo hoo,well done Jeanette,great win.
Love your block Wendy,hope you are feeling better soon my friend xx

Karen's Korner said...

I hope that you can pinpoint what the problem is and back to good health soon. Allergies can be very debilitating.