Wednesday 20 September 2017

Computer meltdown for FNSI....

Yep, that's right!  My darn computer decided to throw a hissy fit and I couldn't get it to go after a recent Windows update.  Don't know what happened but that little wheel just kept a-spinning and took me nowhere.
So instead of getting frustrated after I turned it off and restarted it again and again, I turned it off one more time, walked away and left it for a day or two.  It seems it must have been as frazzled as I had been in the anticipation of it starting because after rebooting and going through the whole 'updating your not turn off' saga, it's finally back to normal! Phew!
Don't you just LOOOOOOVE technology? hmmmmmmmm.

So, last Friday was our monthly FNSI and mine started at my best friend Dianne's house.  This year, when we get together, we've been working on our Natalie Bird's Homespun BOM  - Foxley Village, practising new techniques and learning off one's been fab.  Here's our progress on block 4...or is it 5???

 It's always loads of fun when you can 'actually' FNSI with someone else 'in the real' so we make the most of it as it doesn't happen often enough.
I did make some progress that evening on the Christmas Caroling Row a Long block too with some of the stitchery completed and I think it really finishes it off nicely.
I'll show you the rest by the end of the week and I'll hopefully have it finished over the weekend, although we are going for dinner at the Cowboys Leagues Club to watch our favourite football team hopefully make their way to the finals!

PLEASE NOTE  though, that the FREE download of the row will close 8pm  Friday Night (AEST time - which is around the early hours of the morning of Friday in the your time zone HERE).
After that I'll take it down temporarily and add the finishing instructions to make it into a Christmas wall hanging. I'll add it back to both Craftsy and Payhip but after Friday it will no longer be free, so if you haven't downloaded your copy, head back to THIS POST to get your link to the 'Once in Royal David's City' FREE Christmas Caroling Row-a-long download.

Now I haven't mentioned what this month's prize is for one lucky, random FNSI' here it is......
....a mini charm pack of Lecien 'Radiant Girl' and a Craft Keeper for your threads, ribbon or even a key ring or necklace charm!  I hope you like them?

I can't leave you waiting any longer.....I've consulted Mr RNG and he's come up with ....

....the lovely lady who was working on this gorgeous Michelle Ridgeway design (and it just so happens it's a 'W' freaky is it that Mr RNG picked this one out????)


\0/ \0/   J*E*A*N*E*T*T*E   \0/ \0/

I'll get your prize off in the mail very soon.  Thank you to everyone who FNSI'ed along with us and if you're contemplating joining in next month but still sitting on the sidelines, pop back to THIS POST  and see what the ladies did, or go over to THIS PAGE to read about how FNSI works.  Don't be shy, we have loads of fun, and you could be our next FNSI winner!

Until next time,
xox Sugary hugs :o)


Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy how lovely that you and Dianne got to spend some time together and a big congrats to Jeanette xx

Susie H said...

Technology! Blech! Don't much care for it but can't live without it anymore ... Ugh! So nice to stitch with friends. Your blocks are beautiful. Thank you again for hosting FNSI. I look forward to it every month now!

Maria said...

How nice you had a great FNSI with your friend and us...beautiful Foxley blocks.
Congrates to Jeanette.