Wednesday 25 October 2017

a delayed FNSI result

What a week!   I NEED to stop and get off at the next station....just for a little bit!
I'm so sorry our FNSI draw has been delayed but unforeseen things have been happening in our world....and all at once!

I mentioned our bathroom reno was starting......well.......our building crew are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  They started Wednesday and already by Saturday, despite a number of setbacks, they had the bathroom, toilet and bedroom re-sheeted, the bath and shaving cabinet installed and now we're waiting for the tiles to arrive. I've never seen such enthusiasm and dedication to work....they only stopped for a short lunch break after starting at 7 each morning and on Thursday evening they worked through till 7pm as they were drilling the concrete up for the plumbing!  I've never seen such a thing before.

Whilst this was happening, the electricity was on and off a number of times so I couldn't stitch, blog or much else I hoped to do.
....and then on Monday, the fridge decided to have a hissy-fit!   Thank goodness we didn't have to buy another, but we are waiting for parts to repair it.....just add it to the list!
My father in law had another turn on Saturday night so we called the ambulance and he was taken to hospital.  We were there till midnight when he was admitted and he is still in there.  On Monday my MIL and I had an appointment with the nursing home to try and get placement, but that's a looooong process.  Dad's getting more settled but he's still in the hospital and looks like coming home on the weekend.   Mum's had a bit of a rest without him at home but it's unsettling for her too, after 60 years of marriage watching your life-partner disappear before your very eyes.
Sunday we had an appointment to visit our newest members of our family.....  Meet Bailey and Mocha....
 This little pair are Burmese kittens - 3 weeks old and are browns.  My husband has always wanted Burmese cats and we made a pact that after Charlie had passed, we'd think about getting one.  Well, we are adopting two....a little brother and sister born in Finch Hatton at the Bootlace Cattery.    Two, so they can keep each other company.   I was thinking of calling them Bailey and Khalua after two favourite tipples, but could you imagine calling them???  (We had daschunds when I was a child and they were named - Whiskey, Brandy and Shandy..... so I had to keep the tradition alive!!!)  Here is the rest of the litter with mum...
She looks black but she's a dark brown and very relaxed -the kittens take after her! *bonus* 
Can you see the variation in colours?  There are a couple of blue kittens (grey colouring) and three browns...that one in front is our little girl.....just too cute!  We get to pick them up the week after Christmas as they will be microchipped and spayed at 12 weeks.  It's just so exciting!
Yesterday, hubby had to escort a load back from the bush so I accompanied him for the drive.  
I love watching him work.....he can manouvre those huge machines onto the backs of those trucks with the teeniest of spaces to spare without any trouble whatosoever!  

Back to I did manage to get something done.....not what I planned but as we spent much of the night in with Mum, helping calm Dad, I did get some more of my cross stitch completed....and it took my mind off things. 
It's coming along quite nicely...I've completed the entire right side, now I'm moving onto the left.  Just like quilting and sewing, there was a little 'reverse stitching' happening as it was hard to concentrate fully, but it was still relaxing and "bonus", I got some more completed!

I've been messaging a new blogger whose joined in this month with us for FNSI.  Make sure you pop over and say a big Hi and Welcome to Sue.  Her blog is HERE.  I love the encouragment we receive from each other as bloggers and especially new bloggers.  I can remember how scary and unsettling it was putting myself  'out there' on the web for the very first time!  Sue and I are in the same swap group so I'm loving  being able to see what she's up to.
Our prize this month is a mini charm pack called "Aria" by Kate Spain for Moda.  Such pretty colours, I'm sure whoever wins it will make something beautiful.

 Now for the draw...........
from the 23 friends who joined with me on Friday night and using our Random Number Generator -


I'll pop your prize in the mail and you should get it soon!  Thanks everyone for your patience and for joining in this month.  Next month, FNSI for November (can you believe it!?) will be on the 17th with sign ups on the blog from the 13th  - jot it in your diaries so you don't know how busy our schedules get!

in the meantime, big sugary hugs xox :o) 


Lin said...

Goodness, yes you have had a busy time. Looking forward to seeing pics of your new bathroom and do hope that Dad will be home soon. Gorgeous kittens!!!!!!!!! xx

Narelle said...

Gosh, I had to stop and take a breather ... hope things settle a bit soon.
Congratulations Christine 😊

Maria said...

You sure have lots going on in your life. Do hope Dad gets placement soon , your bathroom etc is complete and the fridge fixed...🤗
Congrates to Christine on the win....

Käthe said...

So ist das Leben,
man kann nicht nur bloggen und nähen,
die Familie ist wichtiger.
Ich wünsche dem Schwiegervater alles Gute !
Liebe Grüße

Christine M said...

It's all happening at your place Wendy. Your new babies are gorgeous. I hope your I hope all goes well for your father in law. It was a lovely surprise to see I was the winner of FNSI. Thank you Wendy. Take care of yourself. xx

Susan said...

Very busy - some good some not so good...hang in there..what beautiful kittens...A great idea to get 2....I love burmese cats too.

Bethan said...

I hope things settle soon, and Dad is out of hospital soon. Bailey and Mocha are gorgeous!! I'm glad you got some stitching in during such a busy time - it's a good way to have a break x

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

I hope everything has calmed down now, love the kitties. I hope you found a little time to sew.

Maria said...

Wendy it is FNSI this week isn't it ?????