Tuesday, 22 May 2018

A Winner For May (and April! *oops*)

Before I draw winners for both April and May FNSI, I'd better show you what I got up to on Friday Night, don't you think?

I managed to get a little bit done and lo and behold, a finish!
Bob asked if I could make a peg bag just like Gail used to as his had fallen apart.  I decided to use some really bright fabric that Bob had gifted me from Gail's stash that reminded me of her.  She was an Islander who dressed in bright fabrics often with tribal-type prints so I thought this would be perfect. It wasn't till I'd finished that I noticed that I 'almost' matched the pattern in the centre front seam....totally unplanned but how wonderful!  So that's a finish for me this month.
I recently won a gorgeous pattern by Melissa Grant of One Day In May called 'Bunnies in the Blackberries' Zipper Pouch.  It's a gorgeous design, as are all of Melissa's, and as I shared my win with my beautiful friend Joy, we decided to stitch it together in a virtual stitch along. We were joined by another good friend, Miche'le from NZ who'd bought the pattern, so we've been stitching along together getting it done.  I was a little slow in starting with all the things going on, but I began it Friday night and I'm really pleased with my progress.....
Isn't it cute???  I just love bunnies and as we can't own them up here in Queensland, this is the closest I'll get.  When I was a child living in Victoria, we used to have bunnies as pets then, but seeing as I've been a Queenslander since I was 13, that has been an eternity ago.  So before too long we'll all have bunnies hopping about in our sewing rooms!  We'll be sharing our progress on our Facebook pages and I'm sure Instagram will get a look in too!
I'm so pleased with having another finish and another underway.  Pop by HERE to catch up with the other ladies that joined in on Friday night to see what they got up to.

Now for the draw.  Seeing as I missed last month's (don't know how or why?) I'll do that one too!
Here's April's...…
and Congratulations too to May's winner.....

Ladies, your prizes will be out in the mail this week.
Have a fabulous week......I'm off to visit my cheeky Dad-in-law!

xox sugary sweet hugs :o)


Susan said...

That is a lovely project you are working on . . . .Congrats to the winners!!

Lin said...

That bunny design is really cute. Congratulations to your winners. xx

Anonymous said...

Hi sweet girl,love the peg bag and congrats on your win,love that bunny bag,well done my friend and congrats to the lucky winners,hope you have a lovely evening my friend xx

Susie Hoover said...

Love that really cute bunny bag but what are pegs? I don't think we use that term here in the USA but probably just have another word for them. Congratulations to the winners and see you all next month. It'll be here before we know it!!

Virginia Barton said...

This is big time super cute! Peg bag is for laundry, is it?
I used to make things out of pieces of fabric as a child but somehow stopped doing that later. Then I went into the minimalism thing and started a blog with reviews on Ultius. Even though seeing those things always makes me smile. You keep up the good work!

Jeanna said...

Love the fabric you used in the peg bag. You made great progress on your stitchery and it looks great.

Do you host FNSI once per month?

Anorina Morris said...

Yay! Thank you xx

Helen said...

Your bunny project is so gorgeous.... thanks for hosting the night and I'm so lucky to win....
Thanks so much Wendy.....

Maria said...

Great Peg Bag and a very pretty stitchery you are working on Wendy.
Thanks for another lovely night of sewing.
Congratulations to both winners.

O'faigh said...

Cute bunny project Wendy congrats to the winners

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