Wednesday 14 August 2019

August FNSI

I’m bringing this to you from my mobile today as our NBN and internet have been down since last Friday!  You don’t realise how much you rely on it until it goes down (a bit like when you kick your little toe!).  On the other hand, you find how much time you lose just ‘browsing’!
Fingers crossed the technician is coming tomorrow so hopefully we’ll have some answers and will be able to get back online quickly. 
In the meantime, I can’t add the FNSI Linky as I can’t add html code on the mobile. So sorry, but nonetheless, we’ll go ahead with FNSI and when I can post fully, we’ll do a ‘post-FNSI’ linky!  How does that sound?  
Who knows, I may be online again tomorrow .... if THAT miracle happens, I’ll let you know!
Xxx sugary hugs :o)


Maria said...

Hope alls fixed for you soon.... I'll be sewing along with you on Friday....😁

Cheryll said...

I'll be there... but I hope all is fixed ASAP... xox

Susie H said...

See you Friday! Whenever Linky gets up will be just fine with me! Love seeing what everyone is doing.

Lin said...

I shall be there on Friday - hope you get your line back soon. xx

Susan said...

I'm dreading going to NBN
Hopefully some sewing on Friday night for me!

Karen's Korner said...

"See" you all tonight.

The Sloan Patch said...

I'll be joining you - good luck with the internet!