Monday 4 November 2019

Sheryll's Friday Night With Friends

Friday night was spent catching up with an old I met on the cruise earlier this year.  What a perfect time to renew acquaintances as Sheryll was hosting FNWF.

I worked on the second purple block (which I have personalised with purple and green) on the cover girl "Celestial Star".  Can you believe there are only 2 block designs in this entire quilt?  Sharon Burgess from Lilabelle Lane Creations  is a genius! (as well as a gorgeous person!)
 This was the first of the larger blocks I completed on the pleased to rediscover her.
...and here is my first of the smaller 'fill-in' blocks....
It was my first attempt at fussy cutting for EPP (English Paper Piecing) so my blocks are a little 'off' but I'm happy with it.  I realise now though, that when looking in context with the whole quilt, I'll have to remove the outer yellow pieces and change them to white as the background in my quilt is going to be white (like Sharon's).  I never thought about the whole quilt when I was making the block as I was so focused on learning the process.

Either I keep this one as a practice and make an extra, or I alter it but I love it too much to let it go solo....and it took so much to work it out, I don't know if I'll remember how to fussy cut like that again!  I need revisions!!!!  "SHAAAAARON????"   *watchoutYouTube!!*
I knew it was time for bed when I got up to have a pit stop and when I got back I was confronted with......

They are adorable, but seriously???????

Thanks Cheryll for another wonderful FNWF and allowing me the pleasure to meet a dear friend again!  Pop over and see Cheryll and the girls to see their spoils!

xox Sugary Hugs :o)


Susie H said...

Your blocks are beautiful, Wendy! I love EPP but I've never fussy-cut. Looking forward to trying it out myself! Great job!!!

Sam I Am...... said...

Such beautiful blocks and I am a big fan of EPP but have not done any 'fussy cutting' as of yet. I'll have to get mine out as I put it aside for Halloween making. Yours is going to be many blocks do you have left to make? Can't wait to see more!
Your little felines are also precious!

Lin said...

I think your block looks stunning with the yellow background! Looks like you had a productive evening and joined the EPPers. xx