Tuesday 25 February 2020

A Winner for February FNSI and a visit from the Farmer's Wife

….but before I share, I thought I'd show you my progress on my Farmer's Wife blocks.

 Here are the first ones I've done....blocks 1 to 12

...and the next ones that I hadn't shown....blocks 12-28
...along with the two I finished during FNSI....blocks 29 and 30

and the one I finished yesterday evening:  block 31

Mine are all hand stitched with templates so a bit of the slow stitching taking place with these, which I'm really enjoying (although some have tested my wits!)  Seeing them all together, I'm really loving how they are looking and can't wait to see them sewn together as a top, although this may not be for quite a while as I still have 78 blocks to go!  Although piecing one, sometimes two a week, the collection seems to be growing quickly.

Now, for our February Friday Night Sew In Winner.  Getting back into the swing of it for 2020, we had 17 of us link in which meant the chance of winner a prize was high!
Mr RNG had the final say and he chose:
and number 6 this month was 

Congratulations Karen!   If you pop back to Karen's blog post, you can read about how she worked on some paediatric ICU quilts in the midst of  being evacuated due to massive storms which blacked out power in her area......Karen, you're a trouper!

Here is this month's prize:

A cute little gingham project bag with some fabric labels and a needle carry card.  I can imagine you could have done with these last week too!   I'll get them in the post to you ASAP...just drop me a line to let me know your postal address.
I'm off to prepare for our last annual Let's Get Stitched Event in Tasmania next week.  I have a badge to make for a very special person (and she can't know!).  Our theme is Paris so I have lots of ideas swirling around in my head....we'll see if I can get them onto fabric!

have a wonderful week my friends...
xox big sugary hugs :o)

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Susan said...

Have a fabulous time down south....sad it’s the last one for those of you who’ve been every year.