Tuesday 13 July 2021

Sign ups for July....already???

Can you believe it?

I swore this year would not slip by me as quickly as the last few, but there you go......wrong again!

I can't get my head around how quickly the days are slipping past, yet here we are, halfway through July.  

I haven't been crafting much this past month but have been working and in my 'spare' time, cleaning house,  decluttering and organising my 'office' come papercraft room.  I had stuff everywhere so I've spent the last few weekends organising and getting rid of stuff that shouldn't be in there and making it a place I want to be in.  It's working!  I still have a few things left to do but I'm getting there.

What has been keeping you occupied?  Lockdown has been impacting quite a few of us Aussies...we're lucky being regional and not near the hot spots although this month saw us close with a Brisbane person visiting the Townsville area (which is just 45 minutes drive up the highway!) and sending it into a 3 day lockdown.  Working in a charity store, I am exposed to many backpackers, travelers and shoppers from Townsville so I was on high alert but thank goodness, we weren't impacted at all.  

We travelled to Townsville yesterday for doctor's appointments and had a taste of life in the 'city'.  Although we have to sign in everywhere, even in our hometown, we do not need to wear masks, so going to a place where we had to wear them everywhere was not enjoyable.  I have a newfound respect for the medical profession.  Thank God I'm not claustraphobic!

So, are you ready for our Friday Night Sew In this Friday???  I definitely am!  Remember to pop over to Kitty Rose Cottage for all your supplies.  Kitty (aka Dawn) has such a beautiful range of goodies in her online store and she ships everywhere! 

Sign ups below and don't forget to follow along and give us sneaky looks at your beautiful work in our Facebook group!

Whilst I'm at it....the draw for last month.....aaaaaargh!!!!! I have to really tie a ribbon on my finger!  God help my husband if dementia ever does set in as I'm already sooooo forgetful!
There were 31 of us registered so here goes....good luck and fingers crossed.

I still haven't worked out how to video the whole wheel spin thing on the computer yet....I've copied it onto my phone but my phone doesn't want to speak to my computer.....must be an Apple thing!
But a HUGE congratulations to Cheryll who will receive a beautiful prize from Kitty Rose! (I'm not sure what last month's prize is..... however I do know that this month's is going to be one of these!!!!! 

 *SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!!*  They're gorgeous aren't they?  All the more reason to sign up below or join in  on the facebook page doncha think?

xox sugary hugs :o)


Susan said...

I hope to be there - but will have a new baby to swoon over so I'm sure you will forgive me if I don't make it!

Fiona said...

thanks Wendy... see you there.... I'll bring dessert


Lin said...

Congratulations to Cheryll.
I am looking forward to this Friday - several projects on the go so I will have to choose. Always good to get your space tidy and organised - enjoy it while it lasts!! Thank you Wendy. xx

Karen's Korner said...

Congratulations Cheryll on your win. Expecting to have a finish on Friday night- see you all there

Christine M said...

Congratulations Chez. Looking forward to stitching along with you all Friday night!

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

Looking forward to it Wendy.

Cheryll said...

WooHoo... winners are grinners :)
Thank You Wendy... & I've just signed up for this month too... xox

Narelle said...

Oh sweet ... I would love one of those. I'm off to visit Kitty Rose Cottage and tonight I'll be knitting or crocheting.

Vicki said...

A little late signing up but I'll be joining in this evening and actually sewing a quilt top for the first time in ages!