Wednesday 21 September 2022

FNSI, Take Two for September....

 I'm so sorry I totally missed last week.  I look forward to FNSI every month, but this month certainly snuck up and bit me on the you-know-what!  Thank goodness we love sewing so much as I'm sure you won't mind repeating last week's FNSI with me this week?

I noticed lots of friends stitched along anyway and I saw lots of lovely things being posted in the Facebook group.  If you're not a member, sign up with us and if you are but missed out, pop by the group and have a look.   If you joined in our 'pseudo-FNSI' last week, I'll add your names to our prize draw this week.

I have finally finished my "Heartstrings" quilt, designed by Natalie Bird of  Birdhouse Patchwork Designs.  It took me quite a while as there was stitchery, EPP, piecing, and needleturn applique and the pieced blocks around the final border are 3" squares!!  Smallest border I think I've ever done but, gee it was worth it .... I LOVE it!
I used Tilda 'Windy Days' fabric range.  I love how it's turned out. Now just to quilt it and bind it...not sure what colour binding .... any ideas??
I'm working on a new project good friend Pami Green's (of My Rosebud Studio) quilt design "Angelica".  I loved it from the first moment I saw it and just had to get onboard.   I'm doing it as a BOM through the quilt store where Pami works - The Patchwork Angel.  

 I'm using Tilda again but the last ranges....'√áhic Escape' and 'Daisyfield' which I bought from our fabulous FNSI sponsor, Dawn of Kitty Rose Cottage. These are my most favourite Tilda fabrics so far (but I say that every time!!).  I know Dawn has a little bit still in her store so pop over to add some to your stash.  
Just a bit of needleturn on the chain block (which I think I'll do at FNSI *wink*!) and then I'll be waiting in anticipation for block two.

Now I think it's time to draw a winner from last month's FNSI.  Thanks again to Dawn for sponsoring the prize each month.  I can honestly say her prizes are most generous and everyone who's won one has commented as such.  Good luck to you all....and with fingers, toes, arms, legs and eyes crossed, here goes........
and the winner is.......

I'm sure Dawn has a very special prize to send off to you Karen, so if you could just message me with your postal details, I'll pass that on ASAP!  wheeeeeeee!

Don't forget to join up below or just post a photo of your Friday night foray in our Facebook Group.  Those of you who were crafting last Friday night will be in the draw too, so if you join this week as well, you'll have TWO entries!!!  

Have a fabulous day's Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Holiday here in Australia, so sewing will be done with such a wonderful selfless woman in mind.

Big sugary hugs :0)


Karen's Korner said...

Oh I am the lucky winner. Looking forward to our sewing get together on Friday night.

Lin said...

Beautiful finish Wendy - congratulations! Lovely new project too. xx

Maria said...

Lovely finish Wendy and your new project will be pretty with the new Tilda range.
Congratulations to Karen on your win.

Look forward to sewing along ….

Vicki said...

Oh my gosh! Your heartstrings quilt is amazing. Looking forward to FNSI this weekend. At the moment I barely know what day of the week it is, let alone which week of the month.

Susan said...

Congratulations to Karen - looking forward to joining in the fun

Susie H said...

Congratulations, Karen! Wendy, your finished top is stunning. I agree, it must have been fun to make with so many different techniques. Those tilda fabrics are so pretty. Too bad they seem to be hard to find here in the USA. Have a great week!