Sunday, 29 June 2014

Mixed blessings on the Wedding day

I had to utmost pleasure to witness a very close friend of mine, a teacher I team-taught with for 4 years, get married to the woman of his dreams yesterday… was beautiful……even better was watching a man with emotions (I’m talking, a man who has his guard up 24/7) shed a tear!


none of this “he-man, manly, muscly, butch” stuff….but full-on, raw, exposed, REAL emotion… was beautiful.

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Set in a gorgeous tropical setting, it was a perfect day for the middle of winter (can you believe it?)

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and we even got to share the first meal with them at Watermark on the Strand.  With Marty being a HUGE Broncos fan, and Nay not knowing one end of the field from the other before she met Marty, the cake topper was the ideal choice…

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We enjoyed an afternoon of love, laughter and reminiscing…..the perfect combination in the most beautiful of settings….

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It was an exceptionally beautiful day, all bar one thing…..I didn’t have their present ready….

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I had been working on it day in-day out, trying to get it completed for the BIG day, but alas, the quilting beat me!  I still have a bit to go, but now it’s going to be their after-honeymoon gift.

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They assure me they don’t mind, but I have mixed emotions…wanting to complete it in time but wanting to have it ‘just perfect’ saw me not finishing it in time…….

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so it just means another visit real soon to these two wonderful newlyweds for their first very special delivery!  I’m sure I’ll be making a baby quilt in the near future *wink*   I’ll just have to plan my time better for that one!   May they be forever blessed.

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Sugary Sweet hugs xox

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