Tuesday, 24 June 2014

FNSI Winners for June

What a fabulous turnout we had for FNSI this month….I was so happy to have you come and join me. \o/


And yes, I did make my pudding….but I made a ‘bit’ of a healthier option…..I used ‘extra light’ sour cream instead of the full cream variety, and instead of all that sugar in the sauce, I used this…..


Quite expensive, but definitely worth the health benefits….even tastes just like sugar in cooking…no yukky aftertaste at all.   It was delish……as was this project I’ve been working on…


this was Friday night’s effort….and by last night, this is where I had got to…


I”m thinking it’s perfect for the purpose….looks like wedding rings to me….do you think so?  This still needs borders put onto it but I’m on a deadline as the wedding is THIS SATURDAY……did I tell you I work best under pressure!? (by the way, I just love the fabrics from Blackbird Designs)


Well, Mr RNG has done his thing and has drawn the two lucky winners this month….and he was very thoughtful this month…..I only had to draw twice……as our Southern Hemisphere winner was drawn on the first ‘spin’ and our Northern Hemisphere winner on the second!


Congratulations  BARB


and  EDI  !!!!!!!!!

Woohoo……..I’ll be getting their prizes out very soon!

It’s well worth a visit to their blogs to see what they’ve been up to…..as well as all the other wonderful ladies that joined in on Friday night!  Hope you can make it next month?

Wherever you are in the world……Sugary hugs xox

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