Sunday 23 May 2010

Queen Slacker!

Yes I know, I've been quiet on the bloggy front..... again!!!!......something I said I wouldn't do!!!!......but, I have excuses!......honestly!!!! 

I have been thinking of you all though.....and missing you incredibly.  I have popped in to a couple of blogs, but since I've had my laptop formatted and rebooted, it had decided to test my patience with 'blogger' and I just tended to give up due to the time poor factor....but not today! don't want to hear about the boring, old, mundane, day to day workload of report cards and planning, so instead I'll accept the title of "Queen Slacker for the Month Of May" and show you the few little things I have managed to do this month!  (mind you, there has been no actual I really have to get my act into gear for OPAM this week!)

I've been working on Helen Stubbings', "Nice People, Nice Things" stitcheries to be made into a quilt using QAYG for over a year now, snatching time whenever I can.  I have been thinking I would never get this one finished, but after checking where I was up to in the 'big scheme of things' last night, I found I only have four more lots of 6 stitcheries to go, then I can start piecing this may be finished by this time next year!!!!

Here's a close up of my stitchery....reasonably even but, seeing I'm doing it at nighttime, I've noticed I really need to invest in a larger good quality lamp!

Our last months guild raffle prize was won by 'moi'!!!.....Very nice monochromatic fat quarters.....I already have a plan in mind...I'm thinking this would look great in one of the turning twenty patterns which I bought's when I get to it that remains the unknown!!!!

A lovely lady from Victoria, (whose name escapes me!!.....oops, sorry!)  visited our guild last meeting and brought with her the most gorgeous array of Superior Threads.  We watched Dr Bob's thread seminar and learnt so much in 55 minutes, we were all set and ready to sew, armed with ways of avoiding those dreaded thread problems!

I couldn't let her go without helping lighten her load....just a little!!!'s what I bought -

I am in love with the quilting gloves, but even moreso with the 'Sew Slip'.  I had been contemplating an extension table for my machine but near-on $200 is a bit extravagent so this treasure does the same trick....just pile magazines/books around the machine bed to the same level (and who doesn't have an abundance of those???!!) and place the Sew Slip on top.  It grips perfectly without stickiness and, 'voila', an extension table with a smooth 'glidy' surface to quilt on.......and for only about $35.......a bargain!

And here's a close-up of the threads.......

......just yummy-gorgeous-ness!!!
I'm using the varigated thread to machine quilt my "Bowen Beauty".....I've started but remember, Queen of the Slackers here!!!!.
I must get on to finishing this for OPAM!

I thought I'd pass on another little trick I found, quite by accident!  I have had quite a few (well, maybe a couple!)  'accidents' with ruler slippage and missed cuts and we all know how frustrating that can be, especially if we only have just enough fabric.  This was becoming a real problem with my 24" ruler only and I found this little beauty whilst browsing on an online 'cheap' shop, and now I have no slip and plenty of grip!!!!
Believe it or not, this 'invalid' shower rail has an excellent alternative use in the quilting world.....suction is superb and I've found that the pressure you place on the handle spreads all the way throughout the ruler, so no slips and missed cuts!.....but wait, there's more!  (oh no.....that does sound familiar!!!).....the pressure you have to exert onto the handle is not nearly as much as what you normally do on the ruler itself, so really great for long cutting sessions and people with strength issues due to age, arthritis, etc etc.  As it's held on by suction, you can easily change it between stickiness here, either....easy peasy!

Here's the kind I got, but I'm sure there are many other types around the world that would do the same thing??.....I highly recommend trying it out, and for only about $12, why wouldn't you!?

One last little 'beauty'.....although I've been extremely busy with work, I have managed to take a little time to 'smell the roses' and take in the wonders of my garden.  This lovely little sunbird visits regularly and takes advantage of the aloe flowers in our garden.....our world really is truly amazing....God's gift to us all!

See you sew soon!
sugary hugs   :O)


Fiona said...

Oh okay I will accept your excuses - LOL !! Welcome back ...... I have a Gypsy Gripper which works on exactly the same principalk as your shower thingy but costs 3 times as much so well done !! Love the birdie too.

Hugs - Fee XX

Barb said...

You sure made up for being had so much goodness on your blog today....great suggestion about the the threads and fabrics.

Joy said...

What a fabulous idea that gripper is Wendy (Or is that "your majesty" LOL??) !!! I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for one of those, love it!! Your NPNT is coming along nicely, and I think your stitching is perfectly beautiful to :o).
Pretty threads .... good for you for helping out the economy he he he.
Joy :o)

Jude said...

It looks like you have been very busy so you are forgiven for not blogging sooner. The little sunbird is very sweet and thanks for the tip for the handle thingy to help us with cutting, I shall go and get one.