Sunday 18 July 2010

How forgetful….

  ….could I be????   I can remember to make 34 plate bags for the children and a plate bag for myself, but what about the other adults coming on camp with us???? It dawned on me that I hadn’t even considered them, so, with my ‘tail between my legs’ type attitude, I set about making them some extra special bags to make up for my lapse! Teachers 001 NO calico for these special ladies, but pure cotton, with my best Cottage Garden and Cosmos threads, a ruffle for the top and some ribbon and beads to show them how appreciated they are! Teachers 002 I love the names the give the Cottage Garden threads….my new ‘fave’……’Canna Lily’ and ‘Snapdragon’ on this one and… Teachers 004 ….’Iris’ and ‘Kookaburra’ on this one… and if you look closely, you’ll see the beads I added on the ribbons to match the threads and on each, beads that spell ‘friend’.  I do hope they’ll like them. Now, must go and start the packing process, and try and fight off this dreaded sore throat and ears that started yesterday…..what do they say???….timing is everything!!! Off to hit the medicine cabinet and gargle it away before Tuesday when we leave. Sugary hugs XOXO    Wendy    :O)


Joy said...

Have a fabulous time on your camp ... hope those nasty germs stay away!!!
Oh ... and the bags are just GAWJUS ... you did a fabulous job!! I love those Cottage Garden threads too ;o)!!!
Joy :o)

Jessica said...

Wow you have done well! They are fantastic and are sure to treasured by the recipients!
The cottage garden threads are beautiful too!

Barb said...

You are ambitious...and they just look wonderful!!

Barb said...

so tell me, how did you get four columns????? PLEASE

quiltinbysea said...

Wow, great job well done, funny how the little projects can chew through the supplies.
Hope you get rid of the sore throat and have a wonderful time at camp