Thursday 1 July 2010

Speedy Blogging

My utmost thanks to everyone who offered suggestions on how to fix my very slow blogging problem.....I tried Eva's suggestion of compressing my photos in Office Picture Manager first and it has worked a treat......soooo fast now!  But I am still going to investigate using Windows Live Writer.......compressing the photos worked well but Blogger is quite limiting and I would like to 'get into it' more!!!  I've been a little slack lately, but only because I know how much time it's going to!!!! 

 I love holidays....I get to spend all my time stitching and catching up on all the things that I love......pity I don't love the housework as much as I do stitching though!!!!! *cheeky grin*
Our guild is having a monthly block swap and this month we had to do a needleturn block.....most people were quite worried about it but not me....thanks to Vicki and all her wonderful lessons with her Flirty Flowers (which i have to catch up on!!!) 

When I was at Tinker's Cart retreat a couple of weekends ago, I bought some Roxanne Glue-Baste-It and it made life sooooo much easier.  Using this and the techniques I learnt from Vicki here, this block was finished in an evening. 

I know many parts of Australia are cold and miserable, so I just wanted to share my little part of the world with you with the hope that some of the warmth will weave its way to you via my blog......this was our sunset this evening.....

You'll notice a dark patch of 'cloud' down towards the horizon near the electricity poles....this is a 'burn' of our nearby farms was burning their sugar cane and the resulting 'smoke' drifts with the wind sending ash down as , what we locals call 'black snow' or 'Burdekin snow' based on the district we live in.  I know, I know...probably not very environmentally friendly, however while it continues we know there is money filtering in through the town, and the ash really is good for the garden (but not for your washing!!!).  So while you are freezing in other parts of Oz, we too are getting covered in snow....just a different type! I am thinking of you and sending warm fuzzies your way!

big warm sugary hugs

XX Wendy :O)


Eva said...

Me alegro dehaberte servido de ayuda. Yo lo que empleo es un programa llamado Photoscape para decorar las fotos con texto, marcos, efectos ... es muy sencillo de utilizar y queda genial (si quieres puedes pasar por mi blog para verlas).

Vicki ♥ said...

Wendy I am so glad I was able to help you and the needleturned flower looks really good :) you do such lovely sewing and it makes things most enjoyable when they turn out :) Dont know if I would like all that smoke..hugs Vicki

Jude said...

Enjoy the holidays and forget about housework, its not that important and please send the sun down to us its been very cold here and I dont even feel like sewing.