Wednesday 17 November 2010

My Angel

  Have you ever had a day where you just couldn’t wait for it to end, nothing seemed to go right and you just wanted it all to go away???? Well, I haven’t had one of those days, thank goodness, but the past 7 weeks have been a bit of a turmoil.  I don’t like to harp on it, but school is just so demanding these days….I don’t even seem to be able to find time to sew!!!….maybe that’s why I’m feeling blah!!! Anyways, I didn’t have too bad a day, considering!  Kids seemed to be learning, the quote to get my son’s furniture back from his stay with his dad didn’t quite break the $1000 mark like I thought it would ROFL (oh, I didn’t tell you my boy’s home now did I ????), the neck and shoulder that seized up last week is starting to just loosen off a  touch…only 4 panadol needed per work day instead of 6!!!,  I have nearly completed all of my testing and marking so that I can begin report cards on the weekend (after visiting the knee surgeon on Friday to hear of the date of my upcoming knee replacement!) and our after-work meeting only lasted one hour today!.   So you see, it wasn’t really THAT bad of a day!!!! I did get to visit the post office on the way home, prior to it shutting…..I usually don’t get there till after 5, so if there are any goodies I’ve bought to make me feel better (even though I can’t use them just yet!!), I’ve had to wait until I could get there before closing time.  Lo and behold, I had a few parcels sitting there waiting.   A couple I have been expecting….. a man’s leather bracelet with a diamond  (small) for my son’s upcoming 16th birthday, some goodies from here DSCF1864 and this very unexpected but very lovely little angel  (well, flower fairy!!)….. DSCF1859 from THIS lovely little angel!!!!! DSCF1672a Isn’t she a sneaky????  Oh Jen….I L-U-V her…. she’s, (as Joy would put it)…simply ‘gawjus’….I just love ya to death!!!!  You are such a sweety and although we are very close in kilometres (well, closer than a lot of other bloggy friends) it is still so tricky to spend time together.  We will just have to make up for that! Aren’t friends a wonderful thing…..they know when you’re feeling down, or frantic, or tied in a knot or…..they just know !!!!!  The land of Blog is wonderful and, here I go….all mooshy……  I never thought for a minute how many wonderful people I’d meet and how many special friendships that would develop when I wrote my first post just over a year ago! Thank you my dear sweet friend….I love you dearly! …and guess what???   Only three weeks of school left so look out Blogville……I’ve got a lot of catching up to do!!!  I WILL be back…..with a vengeance!!! Sugary hugs always XXX   Wendy   Smile


Jenny of Elefantz said...

You are so welcome, my sweet friend!!! You are a real life 'flower fairy', filled with such joy and a giving heart - you would be a bright bouquet to any garden!
Love ya!!
PS: I look like Dopey from Snow White in that pic...LOL!!

Jessica said...

It sounds like the holidays can't come soon enough! I hope you get a break soon!

Dawn said...

wow, I know that end of year feeling... lots of my friends are teachers and it comes with the territory... and not usually soon enough...not long to go now... restful times ahead... bet it's nice to have DS home again...treasure the times... they grow up so fast hey.
Big Hugs Dawn x x