Sunday 21 November 2010

Break time


Time for a quick break between report cards……for sanity reasons!!!

I met up with these two lovelies on Friday whilst in Townsville…..


Aren’t they just beautiful?  Of course it’s Jenny and Bloss who took a quick trip down to Townsville to do some Chrissy shopping (much more organised than me!!!) and to have lunch with me (and my two boys)….we had such a lovely time!!!

I had the day off to go and visit with my doctor who told me I’m up for some big surgery in March!!!  Well, that means time off work so plenty of stitchy time…..gotta be some bonuses!!!!

Our weather has been crazy the last week or so with rain falling in bucketloads…..make that truckloads!…’s what it looked like from my place before the sky opened up at 9 oclock yesterday morning, just before I went to the guild meeting…


I think it only took minutes before everything was under 2 inches of water (can you tell, I’m a quilter!!!….no metric here!)  just as well I put everything in the car just before I took these photos….however, I did get drenched getting them out!!!! 

And these little terrors are hijacking our banana trees…..


look at the damage they’re doing….


rotten little so and so’s!!!  These are cane beetles….they come out around October and love sugar cane, but although we have a beautiful crop over the road….they seem to love to demolish my bananas!!!!   gggrrrrrrr!!!   And those rotten cane toads don’t seem to be doing anything to get rid of them (which is why they were brought here in the first place!!)  They really smell bad too when they die….it’s a no win situation!!!!

While I was at quilting yesterday, I finished my CSSC gifties which I will post off tomorrow (and send you piccies, Chooky!).  Sorry everyone else, can’t give you any sneakies until they arrive at their destination and make themselves at home under the Christmas tree until Santa comes!!!!….All I can tell you is, it is soooooo hard to send it away…..I’m going to have to make another!!!!

I did manage to start this lovely using Moda Sorbet turnovers I bought when the $AUD was at an all time high!!  It is Vintage Turnovers by Kristin Roylance.  If you go and visit Khris, she’ll put you on the right path!




Sweet colours….not my normal country style, but I love them!!!  Can’t wait to see this finished!

The Big Red Bus came to visit us at quilting yesterday…poor things got flooded out and shopping there involved wading through ankle deep water, so I felt I just HAD to support them……


I bought this end of roll yummy….can't you just see lots of binding??????  So many other yummies….but I was strong!!!!!

Anyways…..too much procrastinating….must be back to these reports…unfortunately they won’t do themselves!!!!!!

Sugary Hugs

XXX Wendy Smile


Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

Sounds like you had fun in Townsville, except for the Dr part! Bummer!
The turnover blocks look interesting, I can't wait to see more!

Chookyblue...... said...

heard you have been pretty wet up there.........can't wait to see the SSCS.........have seen some wonderful gifts already........

Allie said...

I am so jealous you got to visit with Jenny and Blossom - but happy for you too! Those bugs are horrid and make me happy we have hard frost here. *G* Of course, we can't grow bananas, so it's a trade-off. But bananas can be imported.
Love your blocks and fabric - oh yum!

Vicki ♥ said...

So glad you had a great time with Jenny and Blossom and I cant believe so much rain falls up there...wish some of it would go to WA and also down here to Victoria. Love your vintage turnovers Wendy and I look forward to seeing what you make out of them. Hope all goes well with your upcoming op..not good news there...Not too keen on those bugs..little bliters!! hugsss Vicki xx

Unknown said...

Lovely piccie of Jenny & Bloss Great that you guys got a chance to meet up....bummer about those Beetles they do some harm don't your blocks with the white strip as a X...will make a great quilt.

Joy said...

Oh Wendy I'm super envious that you and Jenny and your families got to spend the day together ;o), how wonderful for you all. Looks like you had a fabulous time!!! A bit of a worry with your op in March :o/, but on the bright side, as you said ... it's time off work and some time for stitching :o).
I must be off and pack up my SSCS goodies too :o)!
Love n hugs,
Joy :o)

Quiltingranny said...

How fun to spend time with friends. Can you spray those buggers with dishsoap and water? It worked for many of our pests in Arizona and doesn't harm the environment? The only other thing would be hand picking them....ewwwww! Loved the quilt pics!

Kitchen Benchtops Sunshine Coast said...

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