Saturday 24 September 2011

Colour my world and yours with a competition!


A great find on Ebay kept me busy this week organising these beauties….



I just loved sitting there in front of the tv, winding away onto thread holders….but as you can see I ran out when it came to the variegateds!!!!!

But it got me thinking……out of all of our senses, I would hate to lose my sight….because colour is such an important thing to me….beauty is everywhere around us in colour and combinations of colour…..I don’t know how I’d manage without it…

there’s colour in the garden…










….and in the world around us…on the ground…..009






and in the sky…..








022 (2)


Colour choice needn’t be so hard if we just look to the world around us for inspiration…..I know, I’d be lost without my sight and the inspiration of colour in the world around me…..I’m very blessed where we live as we have beautiful and varied colour palettes given to us every day in nature that I draw from.


Now if you’ve made it all the way through my photos, I have a little giveaway.  I just realised it’s 9 days past my 2nd blogiversary!!!!  *oops* How did I miss that one!?

Anyway, to celebrate, if you just leave a comment telling me what gives you your inspiration or what sense you could not live without,  you’ll go into the draw to win some colourful threads and fabric to inspire you too.

Just leave a comment, nothing tricky, and you’ll be entered into the draw where Mr Random Number Generator will help me pick a winner next Saturday AEST 5pm .  Make sure you are not a No Reply Blogger though, because if you are, you will not qualify as I won’t be able to contact you.  If you’re not sure, click on the link on my sidebar to show you how.

Good luck and I hope you’re blessed with a colourful world too

sugary hugs

Wendy X :O)


Narelle said...

Hi Wendy, Love all those threads that you have wound and the colours look just great. The photo's are all wonderful. My inspiration on most days come from my morning cuppa and blog hopping to see all the wonderful things that other bloggers have done and then i just want to go and sew and make something beautiful. Hope that you have a great weekend.

barb's creations said...

Hi Wendy,what a great find! I'm like you and find winding threads a soothing past time.One sense I would hate to lose is taste,I love tasting new flavours and enjoying my favourite ones like pavlova.Hope you have a weekend full of lovely crafting :) Barb.

The Patch Craft said...

Congratulations on reaching 2 years. The thing that I find gives me inspiration is that people are very generous. If there is someone in need Quilters are there with there hands up to help.

Sunnybec said...

congratulations on your 2nd blogiversary. My inspiration comes from other quilters, seeing the beautiful quilts inspires me to give them a try. I would also hate to lose my sight, with out that you lose the ability to do so many other things. Linda

Margaret said...

My inspiritation comes from many things and places, all different ann unique. Clouds , a sunset and sunrise and music would be the starters. Have a good 3rd year blogging

Kerry said...

Congratulations on your blogaversary and a great ebay find too. I think sight would definately be my greatest inspiration, whether it be from our surroundings or right here in blogland, we still need our sight. I wouldn't like to be without any of my senses though, although sometimes it might be useful to switch it off when there is an annoying sound or something.

Narelle said...

Hi Wendy,
What beautiful colours in both thread and nature.
I don't see well at night so I would hate to loose my sense of sight ... there are too many wonders I would miss out on.
Selective hearing can be a good thing sometimes :o)

Fiona said...

I did love all your pictures... such a range of lovely things.... Congrats on 2 years blogiversary.... I think I get most of my inspiration from other crafter/quilters and seeing how they mix colours and shapes... gives me courage to try new things.... as for the senses.... oh I would miss any of them equally I think...

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos...nature is truly inspiring.Mostly though I get inspiration from all the wonderful blogs & the creative people out there. I too would miss my sight more than anything...there would be no more quilting or reading!

Michelle Ridgway said...

I loved all of your wonderful photos. My inspiration comes from many areas mostly nature but I love an old piece of china and can dream for ages wondering of it's previous life also music is a huge part of my life and lastly to see a group of new art supplies...fresh clean paper and newly sharpened pencils...ooohhhhhh! Heaven!

Maria said...

Really enjoyed your post.
happy 2nd blogiversary

Diane H said...

Hi Wendy, fabulous photos! Happy 2nd Blogiversary. I get most of my inspiration from seeing all the amazing quilting done by other bloggers. I wish I had time for all the projects I would like to make.

rosie said...

Hi Wendy, happy anniversary..
I absolutely love anything that is a textile.. I can see lots of inspiration in something as small as a button..

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Hi Wendy. I was so lucky to win your last gorgeous giveaway, so leave me out of this draw.:) I just wanted to comment anyway, about your beautiful pictures, some of my fav plants there- I love bromeliads and have quite a few, also begonias, native orchids- yes, I think I would not want to lose my sight, there is much beauty in the world. Out walking very early in the morning, I often see some gorgeous sunrises, and as our house faces west, we get to see some rather awesome sunsets too.
Congrats on your blogiversary! Hugs, Sandy. :)

Bev C said...

Hello Wendy,

Congratulations on your 2nd year of blogging. Love your photo's of inspiration especially the bees hard work. Nature really does inspire me. Just to look out the window and see my garden and to look further to the paddocks across the road. So glad to know that it will always be there.
Happy days.

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

Love all your photos, especially the flowers! Your garden must be so pretty at the moment.
I find inspiration in the things around me, the kids, nature, the need for something.

Fee said...

Wow look at all those gorgeous threads. Like you it would have to be sight I think. My Brother In Law is blind and he does a marvellous job - Just retired after working 40 years in an office. Amazing !! But I love colour - Especially fabric which inspires me all of the time :) Hugs - Fee X

Gill said...

What great threads! I too love rewinding them!
I would hate to lose my sight - it's so precious! I find heaps of inspiration from reading all the lovely blogs that abound!

tich said...

Your pictures are beautiful, and the threads just made me drool! I do like listening to something (anything) when I am creating, but, like you, my sight is of prime importance. I use nature for inspiration, but also use books and the internet to get ideas.

chook said...

Hi Wendy congrats on blogging for 2 years I am finding lots of inspiration from blogs at the moment so many beautiful pictures to look at .
Hugs Beth

Allie said...

I have to agree with you Wendy, I'd be lost without my sight. Quilts don't talk [audibly], I don't NEED to smell them fresh from the dryer, but I need to see to create them!! I think about my grandmother, blind for 20 years, until she underwent an experimental surgery - one of the first corneal transplants - and she could see again. She never did develop her other senses, she said she always knew she'd see again. I don't think I'd ever give up hope if I lost mine! I drink the world in with my eyes.
Your pics are just gorgeous - oh the sights we see when we take time to look around us! Congrats on your 2 years, I missed mine a long time ago, lol - maybe I'll have a big give-away on my 3rd!

Sonja Threadgill Nelson said...

Hi Wendy! Congrats on your anniversary. I stumbled upon your blog from someone else's blogroll. Your photos are amazing....& I would have to agree that even though my eyesight isn't what it used to be, I would miss it the most. Thanks for the pics!

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Congratulations on 2 years and that great ebay find. I love to be inspired by color. Have you seen the "Design Seed" site? There is a link on my blog and every picture is inspiration :o)

Vanessa R said...

Two years! Congratulations. Love your photos and your beautiful colourful threads.
I would be lost without my sight. I am inspired by the fabulous blogs that are out there, that I keep finding!

CathyC said...

congrats on the blogaversary ;-)
love looking at all your pics, and like many others, would hate to lose my sight ;-(
and like many others, other bloggers inspire me so much ;-)

Dawn said...

Two years WOW...Congratulations and I am thrilled you made that first step to blog... Here's to many many more Darl... I love your pic's too... amazing sights to be seen around out wonderful planet..God is good
Hugs Dawn x xx

Vickie said...

time creeps up hey Wendy, wow that's a good ebay find, I get most of my inspiration from blog hopping,cheers Vickie

Anne-Mettes Oaser said...

What a great buy you did. So many wonderful colours. And I enjoyed to see all your beautiful photos.
Congratulation with your first 2 years as blogger. May many more come.
I get inspiration from all you wonderful bloggers around the world. But I also get my ideas, when I go for a walk on my owm with the dog and just enjoy nature and let my thoughts run wild ;-).
Have a great weekend.

Vicki said...

Congrats Wendy on two years blogging :) I look forward to many more years of reading all that you get up to and your lovely piccies you put up. Always enjoy reading your blog :) Have a great weekend and lots of hugs Vicki x