Saturday, 10 November 2012

Christmas stitching

I'm having fun with some Christmas stitching.....and un-stitching today!!!
How about you???

Sugary hugs. Xox
Wendy :0)


barb's creations said...

Hope to get some stitching done tonight,hope you didn't have to much to unpick :) Barb.

Monika said...

I only learnt the term 'reverse sewing' at my first ever retreat last May - and how to do it efficiently from a Leah Day post after that lol well better late than never, I'm well practised with the doing of it though;-) Never really been into hand sewing / stitching but I am intrigued by everyone's lovely pics in blogland - looks so portable like for when waiting for your kids to finish swimming etc.- and probably easier to reverse sew than fmq!

Kaaren said...

I much prefer the stitching to the unstitching, Wendy but more times than not, one goes hand-in-hand with the other. *wink*

Love the colors in what you're making!