Wednesday 14 November 2012

Wonky for a very good reason…

Today I’m going to attack my scrap buckets

045 (Medium)

to make a few wonky scrappy log cabin quilt blocks for Michele.


photo courtesy of Michele @

You see, Michele is coordinating quilt blocks to be made to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy in the US…..I figure, we always have so much help when cyclone season hits our coast, it’s only right to help out others whenever we can.

Michele’s organised the Sandy Quilt Block Drive….

Sandy Quilt Block Drive

and she’s even got a tutorial to show you how to make them HERE

I KNOW what a great bunch of guys and gals the blogging/quilting/stitching community is, so here’s a call out to all of you to help Michele as she’s a little short of block makers….you can make as few or as many as you like but you can read more about it HERE……and you will need to register on this link.


On another note, I managed to watch this from my kitchen window this morning…

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What an eerie display……Although we live about 500km south of the best viewing place of Cairns in Far North Queensland, where all the journo’s and scientists flocked to get the ‘best’ view, I figured our view was pretty spectacular….and not a cloud in sight!!  Apparently not another one in Far North Queensland for more than 200 years, and none in Australia for another 10 so, talk about the right place at the right time!!!!

Despite the fact that I broke a bottle of bubbly wine on the kitchen floor soon after….(no, I wasn’t having an early morning snort, nor was I celebrating the solar eclipse….simply getting the milk out for my morning coffee…….true!!!!!), I think viewing this spectacle might have made me a little wonky……

just setting the tone for sewing!!!

Sugary hugs xox



Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

You had a pretty good view of the eclipse...I didn't even know it was happening but hubby said the light was a funny colour even though we are a long way away!
Great idea with the blocks, I have seen a quilt drive but it would be very expensive to post a finished quilt over. Going to check out the link.

Anthea said...

Oh how amazing to have seen it Wendy! I have family in Cairns who saw it and are still glowing with excitement.
I'm still reeling from seeing your scrap bins... I have one container like that with mine in, but wow that's a lotta fabric!

Allie said...

Holy cow look at those scraps! Oh Wendy thank you so much for joining in the block drive. What a blessing you are.
The eclipse sounds awesome, so glad you got to see it!