Saturday, 1 December 2012

where does the time go????

18 years ago today, someone very special came into our world…. he was a ‘little’ early, (about 6 weeks early)  and it was a bit unexpected, (my waters broke in the classroom of the year 3 class I was teaching at the time!) but it was ‘his’ time. My ‘ little man has grown from this fragile little 5 pounder… 007 (Medium)008 (Medium)009 (Medium)011 (Medium)012 (Medium)013 (Medium) to this strapping young man… 003 (Medium) whoever would have guessed that those 18 years would fly by soooooo fast! Love you Nick, more than you can ever imagine!   Sugary hugs xox :O)


Anthea said...

Congrats to your son on his 18th!
He is still being photographed with not much on, LOL
I love the story of his 'early arrival'

Diane-crewe said...

such lovely pictures xx hope he has a great time xx

Fiona said...

Happy Borthday to your gorgeous boy xx