Sunday 10 February 2013

It’s a catch-up post

Wow…it seems like it’s been forever since I’ve posted..I was going to do a post while I was on the Gold Coast but for 3 of the 5 days we were there, my mobile broadband was playing up  and on the other days I was measuring eye drops and medicines and visiting family and bloggy friends (Hi Joy and Marilyn!!!)  Time goes soooo fast when you’re with special people!


Thank you sooo much to those who have been sending good wishes and prayers for DS’s eye operation….it was much easier than either of us expected…the explanation we were given of the cornea being scraped back, whilst still awake but locally anaesthetised, scared us more than you can imagine….I was like the pacing father outside of the birthing suite…except I was the pacing mother outside of the surgery!   I must have asked a dozen times if DS had asked for me….I think they took pity on me and let me sit in and watch…..DS was soooo calm, I couldn’t believe it!  It wasn’t until we arrived at my brother’s house at the Gold Coast that the local anaesthetic wore off….that was one rough night!

080 (Medium)

A few days of a closed and weepy eye then we were back for review. But there was a bit of spoiling in between, with a favourite lunch on the agenda…..

084 (Medium)085 (Medium)

…the biggest kebab you have ever seen!!!!…..but even that wasn’t enjoyed totally as the sunlight caused all sorts of havoc!  All went well though, apparently…now just a blurry eye for up to two months when we return to Brisbane for another check-up.

So I made sure I had plenty to go on with whilst I was there…..

007 (Medium)008 (Medium)

stitching the February block for our SIF finishers…..

004 (Medium)

…finishing the stitcheries for month 2 of Fee’s framed hexagon Club

005 (Medium)

…and catching up on block 10 of the Long Time Ago in Bethlehem stitch-a-long in Homespun…

before I allowed myself to be led astray by these two rascally blogging buddies…..

108 (Medium)

109 (Medium)

We must have looked like middle-aged techno-heads with our texting and sending photos left, right and centre….after all, we didn’t want our bloggy friend Teresa, to miss out.  She would have been there too but she had eye surgery on the same day, at the same surgery, by the same doctor as DS…we had such a laugh when we found that out!

After a yummy morning tea and a looooooong catch-up, Joy had arranged for us to visit her ‘work’ (I could handle HER ‘work' !!!) where I indulged in a heavy dose of ‘retail therapy’ with very little prompting *hee hee* from Joy and her merry band of work buddies!!!…..put it this way….being asked …..would you like fries with that??….tells me I’ve probably got more than enough!!!

Just had to have these….they were on sale….50% off!!!

015 (Medium)

and these gorgeous chubby birds will make a lovely block holder…maybe???

016 (Medium)

some beautiful RED teacup fabric that knew me by name *heehee* and some essentials that Joy said I reeeeeally needed!!!

017 (Medium)

But I do like the quick-unpick you can see at the bottom of the photo in the plastic casing…..if you look closely, you can see it has a grey ‘rubber’ on top that you literally wipe across your stitches once you’ve unpicked them and it cleans them away!!! 

And these cute little USB sticks….I can put all my crafty downloads on these and clear up my hard drive!!!!!  Yay!!!!

019 (Medium)

My credit card was feeling all bruised and battered…it hadn’t seen this much action since…….well, since……last week???……and Joy took us to visit the lovely Nikki Tervo.  Nikki has lots of fabrics as well as her beautiful handcrafted buttons she makes….my first thought was…where do I begin??

I started amongst the Tilda fabrics which you can see here but then my heart skipped a beat when I found all the Robyn Pandolph fabrics….this one just jumped into my arms, for no particular reason…

012 (Medium)

…along with these gorgeous fat quarters and lacy goodness…..

011 (Medium)

and I don’t know how, but these patterns found their way home too… Nikki was so kind…she gave both Marilyn and I a copy of her Girly Gear Bag pattern

013 (Medium)

and I just couldn’t resist signing up for  Nikki’s simply gorgeous Plate Quilt stitchery BOM (do you see a pattern happening here??)  But I figure I couldn’t walk past $10 a month!!!

014 (Medium)

Before we knew it, it was 5pm and time to go….the chef at the Cleveland Lighthouse restaurant very kindly took this photo of us…I daresay he wasn’t a photography buff as it’s not an Elvis hairstyle I’m sporting…our newfound chef-y friend didn’t think a very windy day would make a difference to the photo!!!!

110 (Medium)

I went home with a whole lotta bloggy love and these gorgeous gifts Joy and Marilyn made for me…..

Joy’s hanging teatowel….mmmmm, coffee…I love practical and I never seem to have enough, along with a takeaway mug hug and a special Joypatch pen

024 (Medium)

and Marilyn made me this wonderful project pouch.  You can see the plastic zippered side, so you can see what’s in it….

029 (Medium)

and then the front says…..

030 (Medium)

well, 89, but who’s counting!!??  (do you think Marilyn knows me all too well???? )

Sugary hugs xox :O)




Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

Wow you sure were busy on your trip south! Hope DS's eye gets better quickly!

Maria said...

Pleased your son's op went well. Us Mum's always worry....

Looks like you had a fabulous time once the worry was over..
You sure had a great shopping spree and your bloggy friends did spoil you too.

Larissa said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time away!!! Must've been lovely to catch up with such beautiful ladies - can't wait to meet you & Joy in 25 sleeps myself ;) ... Glad to year DS's op went well - will be praying for healing over the next couple of months :) ... Loving your latest purchases too - they's are gawjus (to use Joy's word ;) )

Susan said...

Good to hear the operations been good - fumy about Teresa - I did wonder if you would be at the same place...a lot of retail therapy there - its always fun.

Marilyn said...

How lovely to relive our day. It was such an amazing time. And we can do it all over again but with lots more people in Adelaide.
Hugs xx

Michelle Ridgway said...

Best wishes to your son for continuing recovery. Lovely catching up with those lovely ladies for such a fun day.

Joy said...

That day is definitely on my list of 'wonderfuls'. Wasn't it just a great time!!??! So glad we got to spend that day together ...
Love ya
Joy xxxxxx

Chookyblue...... said...

always great to catch up with blog friends.........glad your son is going well......

Anonymous said...

glad your sons eye op went well.What a wonderful time you had with your blogging buddies and love the things that you bought,you shopped well Wendy,lol.xx

retdairyqueen said...

Pleased your DS is doing ok
Great shinagins after it seems
Pleased something nice happened for you
I think I need one of those un pickers you got Have plenty of use for it Hugs

Fee said...

I can't wait to see you all ,not long now xxxxxx

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Good news Wendy about your boy...what a day you had, looks like you had a ball...lovely goodies too...xx

Noela said...

Looks like you had lots of fun with your bloggy friends. Retail therapy is always good. Many lovely purchases. Glad your son is recovering well. Hugs.....