Wednesday 27 February 2013

Deerfield Workshop

The last couple of days I’ve been busy at a workshop with our Guild…we had planned, many months ago, to have a tutor teach us the ‘right’ ways to do sashiko and we were all looking forward to it, BUT… know those little curve balls that life throws sometimes???…..Yeah, well, our tutors were dealt a bucket full, and they had to cancel our workshop very late in the game.   So, some fast tracking led us to a tutor from Rockhampton who does some beautiful hand embroidery…..long story short, our tutor, Glenda Semple came to teach us some of the traditional stitches of early American woman, called Deerfield Embroidery.

Deerfield embroidery was developed in the 19th century and predominantly used varying values of blue, and white threads, basically because it was easy to find indigo dye and not much else.  Blue threads varied in depths of colour by the number of ‘dips’ the threads got in the dye.  So simple but so effective!

005 (Medium)

That’s Glenda standing helping one of our members with her stitching….such a lovely lady, and such talent.  Here is some of Glenda’s other work…….gor-geeeee-ous don’t you think????

133 (Medium)134 (Medium)

Here is our planned project, a modern version of a Deerfield embroidered needle roll that Glenda brought along  to show us….

129 (Medium)

and here is the progress I made over the two days she was here…..

006 (Medium)008 (Medium)007 (Medium)009 (Medium)

A little bit of modern influence with the addition of a mustard yellow accent thread…….not the best photos, I know….very dark and creased but I was so excited to share it with you, I couldn’t stop to iron it!!!!  …and a little bit left, I know!  Don’t know how many times I was told to stop checking my Facebook page…..I may have finished it if I’d listened to the ladies!!!! hee hee

I learnt some excellent tricks and new stitches I’d use again, and some I wouldn’t touch with a crowbar but what is it they say?….if you learn one thing at a workshop, it is money well spent.  I think I must have came home with quite a few new learnt things and every cent was spent extremely wisely (in my opinion!!!) ….I’m excited to finish it and have the needle roll made and ready to take to Adelaide with me…..*eek*…next week??!!!   

So, have you tried something new this week???  I’d love to hear about it!

Sugary hugs :O) xox



Anthea said...

Wow Wendy your new stitching looks amazing! You will have it all ready to take to Adelaide, no problems...
I have done my B-L Stash Post for Feb, do I have to sign on to a linky?

Maria said...

What a talented lady. Such beautiful embriodery

Susan said...

It's gorgeous stitching, love the shades of blue.

Anonymous said...

such gorgeous work,you are doing so well Wendy.xx

Sisbabestitches said...

Sounds like it all worked out nicely in the end. That needle roll is a great project and the embroidery is so beautiful, you got loads done in the class :)

De said...

Looks lovely Wendy

Marilyn said...

Looks beautiful, Wendy. I am looking forward to seeing it in Adelaide. Not long now !!!! I cant imagine what they were talking about telling you to stop checking your FB. As if you would be doing that in class???? hehe.

Susan said...

Its beautiful Wendy - maybe not what you had thought you were going to do but I think probably so much more worth a class. Good Luck finishing for your trip - & enjoy it.

Katherine said...

Deerfield is looking wonderful. I have made two pillow slips in this style of stitching a few years ago and loved making them.

Katherine said...

Deerfield is looking wonderful. I have made two pillow slips in this style of stitching a few years ago and loved making them.

Rosie said...

Love your stitching, no wonder you can't put it down!