Thursday, 2 May 2013

Epic fail…

I have been trying and trying to get onto the internet today, even via my mobile, but it just wouldn’t go….I thought they might have been working on the line as they’ve put a new 4G tower up nearby, so I held off and just kept trying.  online After 6pm tonight, I realised there was something not quite right so I rang the phone company…….your phone has been restricted as the bill amount of $48 has not been paid, was the answer……only problem was, it was their fault I had the bill in the first place due to a billing credit error so, after an hour on the phone yesterday sorting it out and being given a guaranteed 2 weeks to pay and having a very ‘hearty’ conversation with the girl on the other end of the line tonight again, who told me I must ensure I pay it by tomorrow morning or else it would be disconnected again, I finally got my line back!  Needless to say….I AM NOT HAPPY, JAN!!!!! Epic fail for you, phone company!!!!!! But…..rant over…….point of the story is……… birthday rlove stash button I am sincerely apologising for not drawing and posting the Birthday-Love Stash tonight as the young girl from a neighbouring country has worn me out….I’m off to bed!   I promise it will be drawn tomorrow…..after I come home from visiting a very special stitchy friend in Townsville! That will make me smile again! *wink* xox sugary hugs Signature

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