Friday 24 January 2014

A dinner recipe for FNSI….are you signed up??

Thought I’d post something a little different today….instead of nibblies for tonight’s FNSI, I thought I’d prepare this for dinner so I didn’t have to waste time later on in the kitchen and thought you might like to try it too!

Six Hour Moist Meatloaf

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It’s the 6 hour moist meatloaf which I found HERE, thanks to the All-free Slow Cooker Recipe website….a great set and forget one and it sounds yummy too!

I’m thinking of working on my badge and placemat for my trip away to Melbourne’s Let’s Get Stitched event in March as my projects for tonight…what are your plans??…..or are you just going to wing it (Like I usually do!!!)???

Don’t forget, if you haven’t already signed up, sign ups for tonight’s FNSI are in my last post so go back and link yourself up!  Can’t wait to see what you get up to!

xox Sugary hugs :o)

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Anonymous said...

thankyou Wendy for this link and see you tonight.xx

e said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE meatloaf - the ultimate comfort food. Going to check out that link too. My crock pot is one of my best friends.

Thanks for sharing, Wendy. Love'n'hugs.

Susan said...

Love the convenience of a crock pot - ALMOST as good as a quick meal out!
I hope to make some poppy blocks and some hand sttitching...
See you there.

Narelle said...

Yummy thank you ... love meatloaf!
I'm winging it tonight ... still haven't decided on what to work on :-)

Joy McD said...

Ha! That is so funny! I saw a recipe like that on fb just now and thought, oh, should have seen that this morning... but I will try it tomorrow and have chops for dinner instead :) About to go get my sewing stuff set up... xxx

Anonymous said...

Not linking up this week. It's been an exhausting week, so I'm going to bed early with a book, BUT, I love the meatloaf idea! I hope your dinner was as delicious as that picture looks!