Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Stitching with friends and FNSI sign ups

Thanks so much for all your positive comments about my hoarding......I just felt that sometimes, even though it's not intentional, we don't see the 'real' person behind the blog and find out that they're just like us when you look behind the pretty things they make and share and all the pressures that brings along with it.....we all have a human side  despite what our blogs might appear to show....and yes, I'm as real as they come........just ask my Monday sewing buddies???   (Now be nice girls!!!!)





It was sooo good to get back to our every-second-Monday routine together yesterday.....I've seriously missed our madness and banter.....so many endorphins fly around that day, I'm sure we're all giddy by the time we leave!

After a serious fuel issue (I really MUST remember to fuel up the car BEFORE I leave on a long road trip!!!), I got to Heather's place at about 12...well after the 10am starting time, but let's just say I wasn't missing out on my 'fix' despite doing 1 1/2 trips to get there!!!! DUH!!!!!


And what greeted me when I got there.....not only hugs from three very special ladies but hugs from a sparkly eyed little mouse that Heather had made for me....

Mine's the gorgeous li'l girl on the right.......Harriet....she whispered her name to me as I arrived!!!!!

Jen's is the middle one....Hermione, and Michelle is pretty is pink, but I missed her name.....I'm sure it's just perfect!!!  Isn't Heather a real sweety!!!  See what I mean about wonderful ladies!!!  Only wish you could join us too!!!!

But instead, we'll have to get together virtually, and guess what??  This Friday night is FNSI....the first for 2014!!!! Yippeee!!!! We can get together and sew to our hearts content......join along with us, sign ups are below so make sure you add your name to the list so we can visit you...... I'll look for some yummy treats we could make to keep our energy levels up on the night and post about them later on in the week and you can prepare what you're going to sew on our Friday night together!!!!

How's that sound??? 

Ok.....here's to Friday.....at least if we can't get together in each other's houses in reality, isn't it lovely that technology allows us to get together virtually....and we can have just as much fun????

Looking forward to our stitchy bliss together all Friday night long!!!!!

xox Sugary hugs



Susan said...

Love Harriet and Hermione and little miss no name!
Love getting together with friends - for real or cyberlly (is that really a word?)

Michelle Ridgway said...

Stitching with friends is such a lovely way to spend the day. See you Friday night x

De said...

Cute little mice! I will be away for the weekend but will be stitching!

Cath said...

Oh, I just love those little mice. So much so, I really want one of my very own and I will call her.... Millicent. Look forward to stitching with you all on Friday night!

Edi said...

Can't wait, Wendy. Love'n'hugs.

Maria said...

Oh nice to be able to join you lovely ladies , you never know maybe one day.. Such cute mice Heather.
Looking forward to sewing along on Friday... XX

Maria said...

Love those cute little mice! I think it's going to have to be a surprise about what I do for FNSI...:-)

Pinnylea Creations said...

Now those are the kind of mice I like ♥ Can't wait to catch up with everyone tomorrow; it seems a long time since we all caught up XX

Just Sew Sue said...

I should be able to prep a binding for hand stitching tonight. Perfect timing.

Mistea said...

So I'm late to the party, but I have a really good excuse. Kinda like yours - my car got some attention today so I took a little project to work on while the men worked their magic and I've continued with that one all day.
It's little so if I don't have a thread shortage issue I may just be able to finish tonight.
Yay for gathering with friends for stitches.

Jill @ I Rather Quilt said...

Adorable mice! Will there be a pattern forthcoming?

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness those are the cutest little mice. Have fun with your sew in.