Thursday, 13 February 2014

A quick catchup

Just a quick catchup as I've noticed my posts are getting further apart!!!  You know I've been working on a secret project for an upcoming edition if a magazine???... Well it's finished but I still can't show you.....yet!   Suffice to say I'm at the dreaded pattern writing stage....bluuuugh!!!!
That will continue when I get home.... At the moment I'm sitting in the doctor's surgery waiting for DS to have a mole cut out of his face!!!  Routine all is good!
But I can show you something I've been working first block in Michele's Delightful Stars Quilt-a-long.  

I've decided this is going to be THE one to commemorate my Mum's passing 25 years ago this year to cancer!!  After all, it's a gorgeous design and the fabric is French General "Josephine"...which was mum's name.... I've been waiting for just the right idea to come along and Mum was (and still is) my absolute star... I think there's a sign there... Don't you?? 
You can find info about this gorgeous design over at Quilting Gallery. 
Sugary hugs 
Xox Wendyb :o)


carla said...

Hi!!! It is a beautiful block!!!! Great to commemorate your Mom!!! I love your fabrics!!! Very pretty!!! I am in Michele's QAL too!!!! Good to see you!!!!

Jeanette said...

Love your gorgeous block. Hugs,xx

Cheryll said...

The block will be a gorgeous tribute to your mum...and I have no doubt so will the quilt!

Pinnylea Creations said...

It will be a beautiful tribute to your mum Wendy XX

Anthea said...

It's a gorgeous block Wendy... and yes I think it's totally a sign that this quilt in these fabrics will be a perfect way to honour your Mum... well done my friend, you will love stitching this x

desertskyquilts said...

Love the star - perfect for your mom quilt. I'm looking forward to the reveal of your secret pattern project!

Edi said...

What a beautiful memorial to "Mum". It's going to be gorgeous - just like her daughter :)
Love you.

Mahesa Jenar said...

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