Friday 10 October 2014

A week too long…

Well, it’s been so long since I posted last……it seems like so much has happened…and it has! Saturday I worked……my work colleague, who normally works on a Saturday has had pneumonia and I’ve been covering his shifts.  He’s been in hospital and I texted him Saturday morning to let him know we were missing him, thinking of him and just generally checking in to see if there was anything he needed.  He said he was ok but he did say he’d developed breathing difficulties and was on oxygen.  Sadly, he passed away later that day to a massive cardiac arrest – they couldn’t revive him…..we will miss our gentle giant!  He was a big man, but a solitary man…living alone, with a love of books, music, technology and toys, especially noisy ones….and a quiet, peaceful nature. Note to self…..never let anything go unsaid…..let people know you care and truly mean it.  Don’t let life slip by you and make sure no-one is left feeling totally alone!  We have a precious gift in our lives….don’t waste it!  Although he was a loner, he wasn’t  really alone…..all the customers and his workmates loved him, and despite him taking a while to let you inside his shell, he showed he had an enormous, cheeky sense of humour ….. just goes to prove, you don’t always know what lies inside every person……2nd Note to self….never ever judge a book by it’s cover! We will see him off at his funeral on Wednesday….still so hard to believe!  He was only in his mid-40s! lines Saturday night was spent at our annual Relay For Life (Cancer)  fundraiser…..I walked a little but the knee started to play up so I reverted to my job as barista!  I was asked by team leader if I’d make the coffees to sell for the attendees… raised went to the fundraising efforts.  I made some booby biscuits to go with them…..take a look….. IMG_4992IMG_4990 They were such a hit, I’ve been asked to make some for the Pink Lady Breakfast, a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Research, in a couple of weeks. 2-hearts-border-hth Our Let’s Start Christmas Stitch a Long finished this week with the culmination of a table runner with a couple of free stitchery designs thrown in for those who had purchased all 6 stitcheries.  It’s still not too late…..if you head over HERE you can purchase each of the six stitcheries.  If you purchase  all 6 before Sunday 12th, (late evening, my time AEST) then I’ll send you a link for the finishing instructions with the bonus stitcheries…FREE!  Otherwise the entire pattern will be for sale in my Craftsy store from Monday 13th October. (Just a heads-up…’s cheaper if you buy all 6 now!) LSC Table Runner Cover baby-angel-border-hth And what a surprise when I received my latest copy of Australian Patchwork & Stitching….I’m a cover girl!  Well, maybe not me per se, but look…… My “I’ll be Gnome for Christmas” quilt made the front cover!…..I’m soooo excited!  And I get to grace the mag with my gorgeous friends, Dawn of Dawn Hay Designs  and Jenny of Elefantz…. (which reminds me, have you been keeping up with Jen on her Holiday Hostess tutorial on her blog this week?  It’s beautiful and it’s never too early to start organising your Christmas gifting!) For those of you not in Australia and without access to the magazine, I’ve got the pattern available on my Craftsy site now so you don’t miss out! So much has happened this week.   Don’t let life just pass you by. Keep in mind to always…. work like you don't need money,
dance like no one's watching. Love like you've never been hurt,
Sing as though no-one can hear you, And Live as though heaven is on earth. xox Sugary sweet hugs to you all, :o) signature  


Michelle Ridgway said...

Sincere condolences on the sad loss of your friend Wendy. Each and everyone of us touch each others lives. We are all connected whether we believe it or not so kindness is definitely the way to go. What a special legacy of gentleness and love he has left you.
Big congrats Miss Cover girl xxx
Love your booby bikkies! Well done!

retdairyqueen said...

Way to many young people leaving us to soon Hugs
I saw your quilt on the magazine
As I said before remember I knew you before you were a famous cover girl xx

Anthea said...

Rollercoasters! What a week it's been for you my friend... sounds like your friend will be sorely missed, may he have a fitting farewell...
And wow Congrats on being a cover girl... it looks fab... so happy for you... Remember me telling you this would happen??!!

Edi said...

I am so sorry for the loss of your co-worker. You are absolutely right, we shouldn't judge and we should go out of our way to make sure people have what they need, even if it's just a kind word.
the cookies are adorable - never knew how clever you really are :)
Your Gnome screams cover - absolutely love it. Congratulations.
Some very good advise.
Love and hugs my dear friend.

desertskyquilts said...

A wonderful post, Wendy, and so absolutely true. Life is full of surprises, and not all of them are ones we like. Love your cookies. Over here, sometimes a quilt show will have a bra contest where people make art bras and they are auctioned off for cancer funds. Do ya'll do that, too? Congratulations, cover girl! Well deserved.

Leanne said...

That Christmas cushion on the front cover with the elf is my project. This magazine was a great issue, so many beautiful projects.