Sunday 26 October 2014

Slow learning

I’ve always been a bit of a slow learner…….the technical term being “procrastinator”, but I’ve finally committed to doing something about my health.  (see?  ….. sloooooooow learner!)

I’ve noticed of late, I’ve stacked away 10 extra kilos….don’t ask me where from….(if they’re yours, you’re welcome to take them back any time!) and I’ve developed aches and pains that just weren’t there before.

So, using my Flybuys points, I ‘bought’ myself a Fitbit….a wacky-do little thing you wear on your arm that tracks what I eat, how many steps I take, how much energy I burn, how many calories I need, whether I’m sleeping efficiently….just amazing (even though it looks like a tracking device for those on home detention!)  This was my starting point….

IMG_5068 (967x1024)

It’s amazing how making yourself accountable, if only to yourself, makes a difference.   I haven’t been blogging or quilting much this past fortnight as I’ve been getting my head around it all…..and making a plan as to how I’m going to achieve it.

I’ve joined up with the 28-day weight loss challenge for busy mums to give me guidelines and I’m now doing gentle pilates, hydrotherapy and aqua aerobics plus a bit of walking….a bit tricky with a snooty titanium knee….it lets me know when it’s had enough.  Soon I’ll add in some exercise bike, but I’m not going to try and eat the elephant all in one bite…….one bite at a time is enough for me! 

My aim is to lose 20kg by March next year as that’s when the next LET’S GET STITCHED event is on……in BRISBANE………. 5-8 March so that’s one heck of a motivation!  Are you coming along?

Can’t wait to catch up with these gorgeous beauties…

via Let’s Get Stitched


So this morning I started out with a smoothie…….

IMG_5062 (1024x1024)

a yummy banana-blueberry one…..and so easy.

for one serve, it’s

  • 1/4 banana
  • 1/4 cup blueberries (I use the frozen ones)
  • 250ml light milk or reduced fat mild
  • 5 ice cubes (I figure the ice from the blueberries did the trick!)
  • 2 tablespoons vanilla smoothie mix (this is a special powder that has all the healthy vitamins and minerals added and I bought it from the weight loss challenge website but I’m sure you could either leave it out or use any vanilla diet shake/protein/whey powder

Place all ingredients in a blender and mix until well combined.

The blueberries are the highest-ranking source of antioxidants, (compared to other commonly consumed fruits) which target DNA-damaging free radicals…….and they taste good too!

I’m home for the day, at last, so I’m going to catch up on some Christmas gift planning and stitching………feeling all full of energy!

xox  Sugary hugs :o)



Maria said...

Good on you Wendy! The magic bracelet seems to be the in thing and if it works for you fabulous.
The smoothie looks yummy !
Happy stitching.

Sandi said...

Oh I hear you girl...I have recently bought a fitbit too and I love is so interesting how little I do when I am in my sewing room...I have worked out that shopping is healthier than have only got to check my 'steps'
I will be at the Lets Get Stitched next year so we can 'check-in' with each other on how things are going...(more incentive for me to keep on track)..woo hoo...
Teresa from All Things Vintage is 'going healthy' too so we check up with each other all the time....if I feel a gluttonous moment creeping up on me, she encourages me to keep on track...its been great...hope it works out for you too...good

Allie said...

You go, girl!!! I love making smoothies - I usually just throw in a banana, some frozen fruit, flax seed and a bit of water. Soooo healthy and good. Wish I could walk with you - I'm spending far too much time sitting and stitching!

Kim said...

Good luck with it all.

Quiltingranny said...

Keep at it Wendy! I have been doing a weight loss challenge as well and dropped almost 25 pounds. Today I walked a 5K in under an hour. My feet, back and hips are screaming, but we made it! Keep us posted!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Good on you. xx

Jo said...

Good on you.
I love my fit. It just gets me a little more active than I was. I don't do the food or menu planner.
I follow the steps and sleep patterns.... The smoothies sound yummy.
I try to walk about 7 kms. Makes me feel good.

Keep it up

Lin said...

Good luck Wendy. xx

e said...

the 10kg are not mine - i found someone else's :) Congratulations on making a commitment to yourself. You, my friend, are well worth it. Going to check out some of your recommendations, maybe I can get rid of the excesses too.

:) hugs

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Go girl xx

Denise SA said...

Well done on starting your weight loss journey
I joined weightwatchers recently and my goal is to lose 6 stones first one's off only 5 to go.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of a tracker bracelet for dieters, I hope it helps you on your journey to healthy living.

Chookyblue...... said...

I have had one for nearly 3 months now.......just doing the sleep, weight and steps at the moment......was going ok with the 10,000 steps each day then had a about 3 weeks not so good when I twigged my ankle doing cattle work........all good again now......trying to make sure I do more then 10,000 steps each day......which I was not doing before I got the fit bit as I measured the first week to just see what I do........goodluck...

Tarnyia said...

Oh SNAP.... I did the same the other week, used my flybys to get one too... My daughter has one that beeps when she has been sitting to long...... that is exactly what I need when I get at my sewing machine... good luck xxx

Cheryll said...

I will be at LGS I hope we can catch up.
Good luck with the fitness programe. Xox

Susan said...

That is an incentive - I think I better join you . . . .