Monday 24 November 2014

FNSI winner

It’s time…. and I realised I hadn’t shared the prize with you yet!  That’s what happens when you work 6 days in a row and then spend the seventh day pressure cleaning the outside of our new Artspace building. My brain has just been all over the place.

So here is what the winner of this month’s FNSI will receive…..

IMG_5154 (1024x768)

…..this gorgeous Orange Daisy damselfly stitchery kit along with a handmade butterfly button by Nikki Tervo Designs.  Both perfect for the last days of spring, don’t you think? (well it is here in the southern half)

Have you had a chance to go visiting all the FNSI-ers yet? There were 50 of us participating and I’m sure there were loads of Christmassy surprises being made.  Make sure you pop back HERE for everyone’s links….so much inspiration and you never know, you may just find another blog to add to your favourites list.Swishingvia The Crafty Creek

Margaret from The Crafty Creek managed to finish the hem on this gorgeous chiffon Gabriola skirt she’s been working on….whilst Josie managed to stitch down a couple of Stonefields blocks, after not sewing for some time……

got a giggle from her helper too….

via Dilly Dimple

via the House on the Side of The Hill

Melody managed to finish another of these beautiful aprons for Christmas….isn’t she a clever chicky?  But who is our November FNSI winner?  Here’s a clue….


Our winner this month got to play with a particular love of mine……Fig Tree….and she got a whole heap more done too….a very productive night for Kim…..congratulations!!!!  I’ll be in touch and thank you to everyone for joining in.  Hope you had as much fun as I did.

Next month will be the last month for the year and our last FNSI for 2014.  We’ll have to make it a special one!  Any ideas?  Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could do a pot luck dinner and trot around to each other’s houses and eat and stitch and laugh and stitch and eat some more? 

Hope you enjoyed our FNSI….  Next month’s is on Friday 19th, a week before Christmas so it’s last minute Christmas things if you’re slow like me!  Don’t forget to jot it down in your diary.

xox  sugary hugs :o)



Josie said...

Oh Wendy... you've created a monster! Tiggy kitten is thrilled to be featured on your blog. So thrilled she's getting a bit above herself... asking for an agent and a Winnebago! We both want to thank you for hosting another great FNSI... looking forward to next month. What time do you want us to arrive... gotta book flights! :o))

Anonymous said...

HI wendy and a big congrats to kim she will be tickled pink,enjoy your day my lovely friend.xx

Lin said...

Congratulations to Kim and thank you Wendy. xx

Kim said...

Thanks Wendy. Looking forward to next month.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Well done to Kim and big thanks Wendy xx

Yvonne W said...

Thanks for hosting the FNSI,Wendy. I enjoyed the night. Congratulations,Kim---that is a great prize.
Looking forward to the next sewing night.

Fiona said...