Wednesday, 29 April 2015

All things Essential

Today there’s a great deal on all things essential over here at Buck Books that I just HAD to share with you 2015-04-29 07-10-06

As the picture says, you can find 10 informative e-books for only 99c each.  I buy quite a few ebooks from them and I must say, I’ve always enjoyed them.  You can read them on your kindle, on your computer, on your Ipad or tablet, on the go or in bed, it’s such a great way to get into e-books if you’re not already.

I think there’s a few there I’m going to be buying. 

But be quick….it’s 7.11am here AEST and as you can see, there’s 9 hours 49 minutes left of the sale.  If you miss out though, don’t worry….if you link up HERE you can sign up to be reminded of their daily deals…..and there’s a freebie EVERY day!

So, which one’s are you going to buy?

xox Sugary hugs :o)


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Anonymous said...

I've tried a few essential oils and they are nice, but I haven't become a real convert. I'm going to check out your link, though, just in case there's something else. =) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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