Thursday 7 May 2015

Ten last minute Mothers’ Day gifts to make

Mothers’ Day has snuck up like every other event this year……I can’t believe it’s May already!  I had planned to design a few little things to share with you for Mum’s special day but, as usual, life happened, so they’re on the backburner for next year.  However, that doesn’t mean I don’t have some last minute ‘somethings’ for you to make.

I’ve cruised the web and found these things from lots of crafty people that I thought would be just perfect.  Click on each of the links to take you to the tutorials…..

M & Ms for Mum/Mom

Free Printable: "M&Ms for MOM". how cute would this be attached to a package of M&Ms or a vase full of them and candy bouquet. My goodness the possibilities are endless.

There’s even a fun little game you could add to it, but you’ll have to head on over to Kinzie’s Kreations to find out more.

Photo Monogrammed Letter

A large wooden letter is the perfect base to create a wonderful family photo collage. You just choose the pictures that you want, print them off and then use mod podge to hold the pictures to the wooden structure.  Pictures in black and white look really nice or you could make them in color if you prefer. Either way, Mums will love this little gift.

50 Fabulous Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Make For Under $20

Fabric Scrap Keychains

These little key chains are perfect for showcasing your Mum’s favourite scrap of fabric, or embellishing with buttons, felt monograms, lacy doilies or whatever you can dream up

Fabric Scrap Key Chain


Embroidery Hoop Clock

I think I need one or two of these……I’m ALWAYS running late!

Embroidery Hoop Clock

Fabric Covered Coasters

IF you can find old tiles or even old ceramic coasters, you’re halfway there.  Rotary cut squares of your Mum’s favourite fabrics and mod podge them to the top of each one.  Don’t forget to add felt squares to the bottom so as not to scratch her furniture.

Tile Coaster Set

Silhouette Pillows

What about a silhouette pillow so Mum can always have her special ones close to her. Trace out each person’s silhouette on the paper side of Vliesofix and iron onto some solid coloured fabric – a black or beige  is good.  If you’re running out of time, you can use a plain pillowcase/cushion cover, or you could make your own.  Remove backing paper and press onto the cover.  Embellish with applique cutouts.  Zigzag or blanket stitch around outlines.   You can find more detailed instructions HERE.

Silhouette Pillows

Mason Jar Sewing Kit

A small Mason jar filled with thread and a top that doubles as a pin cushion is the perfect gift for Moms who love to sew.

Mason Jar Sewing Kit


Decoupage Lace Vase

These are a gorgeous easy gift for the shabby chic Mum.

Decoupage Lace Vase

Handwritten Recipe Tea Towel

These are great to share treasured family recipes

DIY Handwritten Recipe Tea Towels. Print a family recipe onto a tea towel. Great keepsake gift for Mother's Day, Birthday or Christmas. Wonderful way to share a treasured family recipe!

Mothers’ Day Tea Tags

A refreshing gift for Mothers to enjoy whilst they put their feet up on their special day!


Now, to decide which one I’m going to make for my special Mum (in-law) and place some not-so obvious hints for my family!

xox Sugary hugs :o)



Raewyn said...

There are some great ideas here, Wendy - it sounds like I need to get myself a jar of mod podge!

Anonymous said...

Some great ideas there Wendy ,Thankyou xx

Anthea said...

I'm sure your son took lots of inspiration from this post Wendy!!

(yes I saw you roll your eyes!)

Allie said...

Lovely - thanks Wendy!! Gosh it's coming up fast!