Thursday 16 May 2019

News about This month’s FNSI

Oh dear me....this month is just about through and FNSI is upon us again...but I’m certainly not ready (as I suppose you can tell).    
I haven’t given you details about my wonderful cruise and  one of the reasons why is I returned home with a ‘good’ dose of influenza A with an inner ear infection, sinus infection and a touch of pneumonia just to make it a bit more interesting! 

 Honestly, was it payback for having such a fab time?  I don’t think so despite the girls at work telling me it was!   That took its toll, I certainly had no energy and didn’t feel up to doing anything let alone blogging.  There was one day I truly thought I was going to die....this latest strain really is dreadful.  I honestly recommend getting the flu needles this year as there have already been 40-odd flu related deaths this year.  I’m going for mine tomorrow after work to cover the other strains of flu.  But thank goodness I have been on two lots of antibiotics and herbs and it seems to be under control now.  
I returned home and found my boss had resigned after 6 years as store supervisor.  It was her last day on Friday so between her finishing up and the new store supervisor starting in two more weeks, I’ve been official shop caretaker/supervisor until she arrives.   With my regular Saturday stint as well, it makes a long week.   

Just to throw a little twist into the mix, I have a position at a polling booth as the Officer In Charge on Saturday at our federal elections.  I’ve been doing training sessions and organising staff and resources so what little time I have had has been focussed on that.  So I had lost track of FNSI until a couple of diligent FNSI’ers asked me if it was still on tomorrow night or if I had forgotten  (they know me well!).

Sooooo, seeing as it is a five week month! I thought it wouldn’t hurt to hold FNSI next Friday long as you don’t mind?    I thought it might be a nice time to give you a little gift too, seeing as it’s my birthday month.   I’ll have to find a fun design of mine to share.....I hope that takes the sting off not having FNSI until next week.  
Until then! I’m off to study my Electoral Procedures Handbook.  
Happy stitching :o)


Joy said...

Oh Wendy you poor love, what a rotten way to end such a wonderful holiday. Unfortunately I know how you feel/felt - ended up in hospital with influenza A last year, not fun at all. Take it easy my friend and don't overdo it. Be kind to yourself. Hope you're back to your normal self soon hon xxx <3

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

wow - it sounds like you have had sickness bad - I hope you will regain your strength soon and that is a rotten end to a vacation

Maria said...

Oh Wendy you are the most important person, we can do FNSI any time . Next week is fine ..
Take care don't work to hard , hugs 🤗 🤗

Michelle Ridgway said...

Oh dear you have been through the wringer Wendy. Hoping you are on the mend now. Take care of you and see you next week xx

Raewyn said...

That sounds like a very nasty dose of the flu and what a shame - I hope it didn't take the shine off your wonderful-sounding cruise too much. I hope you mend quickly and well. I'll look forward to sewing along with every one next Friday.

Karen's Korner said...

Take care. I now have the excuse I was looking for for not getting my orange log cabin blocks sewn up!!!!!!

Fee said...

Glad you are on the mend xxxxx don’t wear yourself out though !! Hugs, Fee xx

Cheryll said...

Here's hoping you feel your old self really quickly.
Don't try doing too much until then... xox

Sue's Patchwork and Quilting Blog said...

Hi Wendy,
I hope you are feeling better soon. I have a cold that I have had for 2 weeks, I feel a lot better than last week. Sorry to hear about your Boss resigning. You will be busy at the Polling place for the elections.
Brett and I will go to town in the morning to do our votes.
I was thinking of FNSI yesterday. No problem in putting it off for a week.
I still need to do some blog posts, I am having trouble with some photos, so when I have got that sorted I will do some blog posts, otherwise I will just type it all out to say what I have been up to.
Big hugs to you.

Susan said...

Poor you....I hope you are over it by now...I’m sure we can all cope with a weeks delay....most of us will probably have two sewing nights,,,,

Jo said...

I'm sure we could all manage FNSI any Friday. Putting yourself under pressure won't help getting better. See you Friday

CathyC said...

Take Care Wendy :) we'll see you next week!