Monday, 21 September 2009

A Crafty birthday giveaway...(not mine)!!

Have just been over to visit Cora at  A Crafty Moment.  She's got such a good giveaway for her birthday... drawn end of the month (as that's her special day!!)  There's a lovely Kaffe Fasset charm pack and some really nice rose fabric......mmmmmm....wouldn't that be great to win for the Angel Swap????

Thought I'd add this 'cause it's sorta MY blog birthday too....seing my inaugural post was yesterday.....felt like my blog's BIRTH-day!

I'm getting right into this 'blogging' I thought I'd show you my latest project I've made for Jenny and Vicki's Hug Swap
I love the idea of sending hugs all around the world, and it's something I thought I could manage for my first 'real' blogswap!  Kellie, I hope your hug arrives safely all the way over to Canada and you enjoy it, like I enjoyed making it for you! (Colour's a bit wishy washy...doesn't look that good but maybe I just need a new camera.............hehehe.....or maybe just brush up on my photography!)
All these new skills I'm learning.....I'm off to do some work before the cobwebs start forming about me!
;o) Wendy B

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okay NOT a very nice give away, people get caught up in the word give away. Hugs are nice but from people you love or care about not just strangers who have birthdays that day.