Wednesday 23 September 2009

Big Plans

Don'cha just love a sale????   Since beginning blogging I've visited many of the stores everyone talks about and I found this one....and they're having a sale.....OMG - heaven on a stick!!!!  Look at what goodies arrived from them the other day -

....and I didn't pay anything over $11 a metre.....and they sent me a freebie!!!!

might use some of the yummy fabrics I got making this...I think it would look delish....what do you think??

But I do have plans for some of it.....apart from building my stash at half the price, I've got a round robin challenge with our local quilter's guild that I needed fabric for to finish (will have to show you that later....can't's still a secret!!) and I've finished the top of a diamond log cabin  hexagonal tablecloth (for want of a better word) that I want to use the dark blue fabric for (I don't know if you can see it too clearly - it's the second last one on the pile).  I'll have to post a picture of it when I'm done.
I can't help but put my fabric in lovely piles and look at it, and then go back and stroke it, and look at it some more....I really want to use it, but I don't want to cut into's soooo yum!
Sounds like I'm doing an ad doesn't it....but wait...there's more!!!!   I want to start this Leanne's House stitchery for Christmas that I got as well:

This will be tonight's starting project in front of the Project Runway's finished, I don't know what I'm going to do on a Wednesday night!

Thought I'd give you some sneaky peaks of my Stitchers Angels projects.....don't want to give you too much detail, cause it's supposed to be a surprise, but I'm so chuffed about how they've turned out, I just gotta share!!!  (close your eyes Jenny!!)

Photos are a bit camera doesn't do macros very well, but it is an automatic so......I think I'll have to start my Christmas wish list - number 1:  new camera!!

Before I forget, the Green Fairy is having a giveaway. The  picture below is what she's giving away, plus the pattern "Layers of Love".   The giveaway includes a Moda honeybun and the fabric squares that she has already cut and the hourglass blocks all put together. You will have all you need to make the quilt, except for some background fabric and a binding.  Don't forget to visit her and have a looky-see!

Now I'm off to finish sorting and tidying my sewing school holidays are well and truly in motion, I'm needing the space to do all I have in mind before the hol's end!!  But that will be another story......!!
;o) Wendy B


Cottage Contessa said...

Hi Wendy! That's some stash of gorgeous fabrics you have there, can't wait to see the finished product! I have always wanted to learn quilting, and I will....I day! lol Hope you're all enjoying the school holiday break too! Wishing you a lovely day sweetie.........
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Granny Lyn said...

Wow, they are beautiful fabrics! you will surly have a lot to do on your holiday!!

there is never enough time, is there? I have no less than 20 projects in my head lining up...tee hee

Granny Goose said...

Hi, and welcome, I am fairly new at blogging as well. Welcome I know you will meet heaps of really inspirational people.


stitchin' scribe said...

Hi Wendy,
Thanks for visiting the Buderim Patchwork blog and leaving a comment.
That is one impressive photo you have for your header. Are you cane farmers or just happened on a burn?
Love your blog, and welcome to the blog world, you make the nicest friends here.

Jude said...

I like the look of your blog page and you are more advanced than me because you already know how to put up the photos, I will be learning how to do that this week. your purchases look great and i also love Leanne Beasley. i am doing her Butterfly Garden at the moment, but it will take a few months to finish. cheerrs judy

Dawn said...

Oh what a lovely lot of stash... lots of goodies and at bargain prices...Leanne's Sampler is great... looks good in different colors too..
Hugs Dawn x x