Monday 5 October 2009

A rose for a rose!!!

Having a little difficulty and I need your expert bloggers' help!!   I'm going to use the 'newby' card for this one!!

Can someone tell me, how do you easily reply to the comments on your blog....??  I've tried clicking on the person's name and going into their profile and then clicking on their email link and then responding, but this seems rather long-winded.

Is there an easier way?????  I have spent quite a bit of time trying to research this but, like hitting my head on a brick wall, have found this a rather useless process!!!  So I'm calling on all you tech-y experts out there for advice......pleeeeez!!??

Thanks guys....and as a are my favourite roses for you, fresh from my garden this morning!!! Hope you enjoy them!!

Sugar-coated hugs to all
'o) Wendy B


Dawn said...

Hi wendy, I usually reply to comments thru my email...I get an email every time a comment is made on my blog from blogger and just hit reply and if they are a reply blogger I can email them, if a non reply blogger I can't and then I just leave a comment on there blog if they have one.....hope this helps
Hugs Dawn x x

Janice said...

Love the Roses

Lisa said...

I'm a newbie blogger and I have been hitting my head on the wall about this too! Thanks for posting the question! Now I'll just put some ice on it and watch for answers! :-)

Granny Lyn said...

Hi, Wendy,

that rose is gorgeous!

I always read the comments when they come in my e-mail, I think it is an option on your settings page. then, all you have to do is click reply,,,unless they don't have a blog, or a return e-mail address, then you're sunk, but just go check out your settings and see what you have there. It is so much easier just to click respond.

good question, that's something I do without thinking of it,,,or of sharing about it!

Narelle said...

Hi Wendy,
I've just popped over from Narelle's blog via Joy's blog ... lovely to meet a fellow Queenslander and rose lover.
I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Fiona said...

Here is a link to change your settings :-

Judith Tetley said...

Hi Wendy, I had a nice visit to your blog for the first time...will be back.
I am absolutely "green" with envy at your new workable craft room....mine is on the to-do list between Christmas and New Year...can't wait as I feel like I am working in a storeroom. I haven't told my husband yet; but he will be moving furniture on Boxing Day...giggle!
I usually respond with the "reply" button too. I was told that if you put your blog address in the post (like I do), that the person receiving the message can click on it and go straight to your blog, but no-one seems to put it in the post and I'm not sure if that is correct or not could try it from this post.

Hugs from Judith