Saturday 24 October 2009

Dada dada dada dada Batman

Hasn't the week flown...can't believe it's the weekend already. *happy dance*

Saturday morning's generally spent visiting my friends in blogland and I happened upon Tarnyia's link from Vikki's blog....Tarnyia was Vikki's stitcher's angel.  (You can surely see how easy it is to get lost in blogland!!)  Anyways, Tarnyia is in Western Australia (I'd love to visit there someday...Margaret River wineries, Monkey Mia, Broome, day!!) and she linked to a terrific site called Teena's Patchwork and Embroidery.

Now, the moral of the story is.......$6 per metre fabric!!!!....and lots of it !!!! !!!! much can you get at that price??...I've just been and spent a pretty penny but I figure, better fabric that I can spread joy with (no, not you JoyPatch!! hehehe) than something less friendly!!

Work's taken over much of my week, but I did get time to finish another gift for my stitcher's angel...I'm about to send off my goodies next week...I sure hope my NZ angel likes them...but they'll have to stay a surprise to you all until I know they've arrived safe and sneaky peaks this time!!

Have started some blocks for a friend's birthday....not quite sure of the design yet...this will be a 'makeitupasyougoalong' one!!  I do know the theme though.....can you guess???

Hope he likes it.....will keep you posted on it's progression!

And seeing the garden's bloomin' lovely, thought I'd share my beautiful roses with you.....pity you can't smell them.....they're delicious!!!

Look at those buds...just ready to burst!!

Now, I'm off.....dada dada dada dada know the rest!

sugary hugs
Wendy B 'o)


Narelle said...

Hi Wendy, I'll just have to enjoy your roses, mine are too thirsty!

How's that bargello going?

Looking forward to your Stitching reveal and could it be ... batman?

Gloria J W said...

Hi Miss Wendy....I just know that its....batman! And now I'm a blogger too....check me out!! Hugs and kisses...