Thursday, 18 March 2010

Preparations for Ului

Sorry I've been missing much to do around here with the impending cyclone Ului aiming straight at us (according to all the news reports to date!)  Not much time to report on crafty issues...that will have to wait!  A cyclone watch has been put in place for areas between Cardwell and Yeppoon........

Fingers crossed it will change direction and head back out to sea but it's not looking promising!

Tomorrow at work we are going to move everything from near windows, turn all electrical items off and move books and bookshelves away from beneath windows....our school is an old wooden one that has withstood cyclones before, but the windows are a bit ratchity and I'm sure it wouldn't take much of a blow to break the latches and take all our schoolwork with it!!!

Our local shire council has opened up the rubbish dump for everyone to take their loose timber and iron and is encouraging everyone to clear their yards of any debris that could become airborne and have their cylcone packs ready - batteries, candles, radio, canned food and milk, water etc etc.  The shops were buzzing this afternoon with many things selling out quickly.  Our rural fire brigade and State Emergency Service have been put on watch and text messages have been sent to all members to be prepared.

Despite all this, we really don't know if it will hit us.....these wild winds do tend to have a mind of their own!!!!  ....but if it goes as predicted, it looks like we will be locked inside Saturday night/Sunday morning!  Hopefully we'll have some good news before then!

Please send all  prayers and good wishes our way to at least keep everyone safe, while nature takes its course!   I know I will be!!!

Sugary hugs
XX Wendy :O)

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Jeanette said...

I hope the cyclone doesn't hit you Wendy. Will be praying that it doesn't & that you will be safe. Hugs. Jeanette