Sunday 7 March 2010

So much for big plans and a giveaway!!

Well, this weekend all good plans were laid to rest as our visitors decided that it was high time they spent a little more time with us, so......not only were they here Friday night, but they're staying till tomorrow morning, after which they begin their long 8 hour drive home.

Now, I'm not was wonderful to spend time with them and catch up on all that's been happening, but I was itching to get stuck into the Baseco bag that the lovely Dawn has designed to help those less fortunate in Manila and I had planned to get it finished by chance!!!  I did get the stitchery part done though, and figure out what fabric I was going to's from the Old Primrose Mill range by Moda.  I bought a Moda Scrap Bag ages ago and was just waiting for the right project....I think this is just perfect!


I did HAVE to finish something for my friend, Erin’s birthday tomorrow so I do have my first OPAM finish for March….Yippee!!!  I do hope she likes it…her family breeds birds so I thought a bird nesting on her fence would be appropriate!!??

Do you think she’ll like it??

I thought I’d get started on Vicki’s Flirty Flowers (I love that name!!) block for March whilst our visitors went to a family barbeque this afternoon and manages to sneak this in….

it’s not nearly finished yet as it has to be stitched down and embellished but at least it’s started!  Don’t forget to go and visit Vicki here and wish her a happy birthday.  Her blog has turned two and there’s a giveaway to be had….it closes on March 11 know what to do!!
As you know we’ve had quite a bit of rain but it has been clear for the past few days, which has brought out the insects, which in turn has brought out these critters…………..

I’ve just discovered macro on my camera and thought I’d get a shot of these fellows on my window…aren’t they cute?   However they are very messy so I don’t love them quite as much as one little chap on my grade one playground duty!   Each Friday the children run up to me to tell me he has ANOTHER green frog and is chasing the girls with it!!!!.....aaaaaaah,  young love!!!

When we had a break in the rain last week, I thought I’d go out and snap a couple of photos and try the macro and super macro modes out in my garden.  Now I’m not the greatest photographer but am I loving all these nifty little gadgets on my camera??!!!!!

I even snapped this little guy on my potted lilies……..

And this little critter……well he just makes me smile!!!!!

Sugary hugs to all
XX Wendy :O)


Dawn said...

Oh Wendy, I love your color choices for your bag... and the stitching looks perfect... yak ayk ayk I don't like little gren frogs... creepy... at least they are outside....send some rain our way we need it badly...
Hugs and Blessings Dawn x x x

Fee said...

Oh he makes me smile too - He is gorgeous and certainly not camera shy !! Love your choice of fabric for the bag- I am going to start mine today. My grandson Tom adores frogs - I have a litle pond in my garden where they live and he watches them grow from tadpoles. So lovely :)

Narelle said...

I can see his thoughts ... "Do you mind? I'm cleaning here."

Green frogs cause some problems at our school as well. :o)

Pauline said...

Hi Wendy.
wow the photos are lovely..I love the rose one and the frog on the lillies..I have I know what it is used for..ha ha

Jude said...

Cant wait to see that bag finished. The little frogs are very cute and your cat looks very comfy. Happy sewing.

Teresa said...

Great photos Wendy. Love the stitcheries and the fabric is lovely for your bag. We have so many frogs around at the moment too with all the rain we've had. They send our 2 cats mad - looking at them through the glass doors! Your cat is a classic... love the yoga pose!!! ha ha

Pat said...

What a cool "kat". That photo is just darling.