Sunday 6 June 2010

Anniversary Wins and Freebies

Just had to pop in for a  quick see, it's my hubby and my wedding anniversary today and we've been out all! 

Believe it or not, I haven't had so much fun in ages....but I was a bit on the stinky side when we got home!!!  We did catch a lovely supply of bream, flathead and one magnificent 65cm barramundi that truly surprised us both!  Hubby's a very experienced fisherman but he never thought (or planned!)  he'd catch one on a 20lb line with a piece of prawn!  He generally lures for them so it was a lovely present for us to commemorate our anniversary...he always says he 'gut-hooked' me....such a fisherman and a real romantic!!!!  Seriously though,  it's been 6 wonderful years that have just zoomed by....pity I didn't meet him when we were both younger!!!

Yesterday was spent at quilters guild and we spent the day making knee rugs for the aged was a busy hive of activity and so busy, that I forgot to take my camera!!!  Will have to take photos of the ones I've done and post them's late and the zzzzz's are starting to catch up with me.

But before I go, I need to thank Lyn from Bluebird Quilts who had her blogiversary competition last week to name her antique dolly.  I thought Miss Polly sounded good and so did Lyn, coz....woohooooo.....guess who won????  Big sugary hugs to Lyn, I look forward to putting to good use all the goodies you're sending  (and big sugary hugs to lil sis too!!!)

Lastly, before I fall asleep at the 'puter,  have you been to visit Gail Pan's blog recently???  She has a pretty pincushion freebie you can get from here

Sweet sugary dreams and have a wonderful week (I'll be finishing off report cards!!!!)
XX Wendy :O)


Jude said...

Congratulations on your aniversary and thanks for the pattern link.

Laurie said...

Happy Anniversary - I'm glad you had fun :)