Wednesday 30 June 2010

Just in the nick.......!

Well, I just managed to squeeze in another finish for June for Bowen she is....

I was very happy with how she turned out (don't know why I'm calling it a 'she'...very masculine colours, really!!!).  I attempted my own machine quilting...very hesitantly at first, and then I got a bit adventurous....starting with stitch in the ditch around the yellow/green star in the middle, followed by free shell-shaped motifs in the blue and grey squares with some brain coral (well, that's my excuse for what it turned out like!!) in the green border triangles, some jellyfish and seaweed scattered 'strategically' throughout!  Destined for a lap quilt on the lounge....not bad for a mystery quilt project, I think!
I promised you a view of the goodies I bought at the Tinkers Cart retreat.....

....autographed Rosalie Quinlan books....

....some Leanne's House and Rosalie Quinlan Designs patterns.....

...and some yummylicious fabric and Cosmos thread.....i just couldn't didn't resist!!!

Seeing it's holidays, I have many plans to FINISH already started projects rather than begin new ones, so these beauties are destined for the 'drool over' pile for quite a while longer.

I must apologise for getting slack in Blogland....I'm finding it quite tiresome in Blogger as it takes sooooooo long to upload photos and some improvements?  changes must have been made as photos always go to the top of a post........aaarrrrggghhh!!   Very frustrating!  I am finding it takes a good hour or two to do a post, which I don't generally have to spare when I'm working (lucky it's holiday time!!). 

Does anyone have any ideas on how to improve this???  Is there any other good, fast blog creator that beats Blogger??  Any comments greatfully considered!!!!

Off to take my visiting son and a friend to get lunch...apparently the food in the fridge 'just isn't good enough' for a teenager!!!!! LOL

sugary hugs
XXX Wendy :O) 


Eva said...

¿El problema es que tus fotos se cargan lentamente?
Para eso las deberías se subir comprimidas. Yo las abro con Microsoft Office Picture Manager y las comprimo para página web y se carga enseguida.
Espero que te sirva de ayuda.

Barb said...

Love the quilt and the fun fun fun stuff...

Joy said...

Ooooh your quilt is gawjus!!! And the colours just remind me of Summer ........ I miss Summer **sigh**. Beautiful quilting too, you did a fabulous job!!
Have you tried doing your blogposts in Windows Live?? Vicki put me onto it a while ago and I've found it MUCH easier.
Big hugs,
Joy :o)

Unknown said...

Lovely Goodies from your weekend with the Girl's...sounds like a Great Time all your Blue stitching..apparently you are following me on blogfrog so I thought I'd pop over for a look...Love your Quilt too...very summery look about it.

Narelle said...

Well done on your finish and lovely buys.

Sew Useful Designs said...

Hi darling Wendy!

Sweetheart, I had the same problems as you with blogger and then started using Windows Live Writer - and it is an absolute DREAM! I went from two-hour blog posts to 20 minutes... fantastic~! Let me know if you need any advice on Live Writer. x

I LOVE your quilt sweetie - very tres chic and yes, completely girlie! A funky girl! You clever clogs! I haven't attempted quilting on anything bigger than a cushion - you've inspired me to give it a go!!!

Hugs darling! Vikki xx