Sunday 22 August 2010

Pie Weather


Apart from washing, cleaning, baking and the general, weekend running around, I’ve spent a very enjoyable day travelling through the many quilt shops of America!

Apparently the Americans have a national Peach Pie Day and in honour of this special event,  many shops have put on great specials and hidden pie recipes and co-ordinating blocks in amongst their online shops.  I’ve been hopping about visiting, thanks to the FabShop.


pictures courtesy of 

It’s only on till the 25 August (US time) so pop by and have a look…….a list of participating shops and further information is here.

Can’t you just picture a pie quilt with blocks like this…


and this?….


…..and in this part of the world….it really is pie weather!!!!  mmmmmmm I’m starting to get hungry!!!!

sugary hugs

XXX Wendy :O)


Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

Sounds yummy! LOL! I might go and have a look!

Diane H said...

First I've heard of this, thanks Wendy. I'll get my fork and head on over...

Jude said...

found it tuesday and now another quilt to add to my ever growing list. I wont be able to finish all my projects unless i can live to be 150 or so, (lol).

Catherine said...

Wonderful blog. I`ve enjoyed my visit and will return when I have more time. Thank you!